6 Steps To Running Profitable Facebook Ads For Local Businesses – Part 1

Want to know how to run profitable Facebook ads for local businesses?

It’s no secret that Facebook as a massive user base.

And because of its advanced targeting features, Facebook Ads offers audience reach and scalability.

If you’re a local business owner or service provider and want to learn how to run profitable Facebook ads…

Your search ends here.

The lead generation system we’re about to go through can practically work for any type of local business.

However it works amazing well for Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Cosmetic Clinics / Mediaspas, Dentists, Gym owners and Restaurants.

This is the same system I use for agency clients and you can find it in my FB Ads course here. 

A easy 6 part system that generates for our clients, NEW consistent leads and sales every single day.

Here are the 6 areas every local business should have in place to run profitable Facebook ad campaigns: 

1. Target Audience

The first step in your Local Facebook sales machine process is understanding your target audience so that you can reach the right people on Facebook.

Even though your clients are local, that buyer will have specific demographics in relation to your goods and services.

Most business owners will assume that they already know: 

a) who their customer is
b) and what they want

Don’t make that mistake.

The mindset you had when you were in your customer’s shoes is likely to be different from the mindset you have now.

The best way to understand who your target audience is by speaking to one of your ideal customers (an existing client).

  • Where are they located geographically?
  • What do they look like in terms of demographics?
  • What are their interests and behaviors?
  • What were the main reasons why they came to you in the first place?
  • What are their pains and struggles?

So how do you find the answers to the above questions?  

You can start with a simple questionnaire or poll by doing following:

  • When a customer enters the store, have a quick chat to them.
  • Send it out to your leads or customers’ email list.
  • Ask those questions on your Facebook page.
  • Ask your staff to have new clients complete the questionnaire when they come in.
  • Or simply, call your existing customers and ask them what they are struggling with.

With that done, you now know what your customers look like and the problems they’re looking to solve.

Let’s go to step 2, the irresistible offer!

2. Irresistible Offer

There are 86,400 seconds in a day.

You have exactly 3 seconds to capture the mind of your prospect! – Mark Joyner

People today are impatient and rightfully so

Each day they are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages on their Facebook newsfeed.

If they were to respond to each and every one of those marketing messages, they would probably go nuts!

Your customers are forced to make quick evaluations as a matter of survival.

So With this in mind, your customers will consider whether your offer is worth pursuing or not – within  3 seconds.

Actually, 3 seconds is quite generous!

Do you, as a business owner, know what to do in those 3 seconds?

If you’re like 99.6% of business owners, you don’t know what to do.

From the dawn of time, all businesses can be boiled to one single thing.

An offer.

Quid pro quo.

Businesses don’t start until you can make an offer. And mind you, you won’t make just any offer.

You will make an irresistible offer that grabs your prospect’s attention.

The Irresistible Offer cuts through all noise and clutter. It creates an itch that the buyer has to scratch, a red button he has to press!

An Irresistible Offer captures your customer’s attention and creates an urgent, GOT TO HAVE IT NOW, buying frenzy.

This no brainer offer usually comes in the form of a discount, coupon or freebie.

Create an offer that appeals to your target audience, something they cannot say no to.

3. Compelling Ads

The point of your Facebook Ad is to have your customer take up your irresistible offer and become a lead.

So that you can build a relationship, nurture them and sell to them in the future.

In order to do this, you must create an ad that captures their attention.

An ad that stimulates their desires or needs and encourages them to take an action.

If you’re not familiar with the AIDA formula – it’s a ad copy writing method which you can apply:

  • A stands for Attention – as in drawing your customer’s attention;
  • I stands for Interest – to arouse or evoke your customer’s interest in your product or service
  • D stands for Desire – to stimulate  your customer’s desire to purchase
  • A stands for Action – to encourage your customer to take an action like “click here”

You can gain your customer’s Attention by making a statement.

Asking a question that appeals to your audience or opening the first line with an amusing / interesting story.

Arousing Interest can be done through the communication of benefits or solutions that the customer will experience when they take up your offer.

To stimulate a Desire, your ad copy must communicate the most important benefit of all and combat all the possible objectives from your customer’s perspective.  

Lastly and most importantly, you must get your customer to take Action by mentioning the positive results of taking that action.

Otherwise your whole ad becomes worthless.

Getting customers to call your business, that in itself is an Action.

4. Facebook Ad Image

Besides the ad copy, the main component in a compelling Facebook ad is your display image.

Your creative image needs to be visually appealing.

You can do this by choosing an image that is directly relevant to your product or service

An image that your potential customers can connect to.

High resolution images of your original products or real life services will work the best.

Using bright colored images is eye catching and enough for your customers to notice it on their newsfeed.

By having all the above factors in place, your compelling ads will increase click through to your website’s landing page

And in turn help generate more leads to follow up on for your business model.

– – – – – – –

That’s all for today, go ahead and plan out your target audience, your irresistible offer and a compelling ad.

Once you’re done, come back here and continue PART 2 of the 6 Steps to Running Profitable Facebook Ads for Local Businesses

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