6 Steps To Running Profitable Facebook Ads For Local Businesses – Part 2

In our last post, we covered the first 3 steps of the 6 Steps To Running Profitable Facebook Ads For Local Businesses.

If you haven’t read part 1, read it here.

If you’ve done the action tasks and ready for steps 4 -6, let’s move on.

4. Landing Pages

Essentially, a landing page is a dedicated web page that your potential clients will “land on” after clicking your Ad on Facebook.

You may wonder:

“Why send the interested people to some landing page when I could get them directly to my website?”

“Wouldn’t it be better to get clients to my website directly so they can browse around and look at ALL my services?”

Not exactly.

When running ads, the sole purpose of your Facebook ads is to convert your ads into leads and sales.

This is precisely what a landing page does.

The primary goal of a landing page is to keep your customer’s attention focused on taking the desired action you want them to take.

That desired action can be the person entering their name, email and phone number or picking up the phone to call you.

Having things like navigation menus and side banners on your website will detract the visitor’s attention.

By having a call to action like “enter your name and email” to receive the 20% off coupon, you will be collecting name and emails.

Aka lead generation for your business.

This will allow you to build your prospect list and nurture those people into clients by sending them newsletters, tips and special offers.

5. Remarketing Ads

So now you know who you’re going to target, you made compelling ads and irresistible offers.

You also have your landing page in order and ad showing up on your customers’ Facebook newsfeed.

You start getting clicks on your ad and expect your mailbox to flood with orders and inquires.

But nothing happens…

You hear the sound of crickets!

No email leads, no phone calls, nothing at all.

It is very likely that your customers won’t buy your products or services on first sight, even if your offers and ads are compelling.

To them, you are still a complete stranger who just started having a conversation.

They don’t know, like or trust you yet.

Your customers may have seen and engaged in your ad but they don’t trust you enough to take action.

It is simple math (or well, human psychology if you hate maths).

The more number of times your prospects see something that is of interest to them, the higher the probability of them getting involved with it.

On an average, it will require 5 to 7 touch points before a prospect will take up your offer.

Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is a clever way to re-engage the conversation and remind your prospects that they want (or need) your products and services.

Remarketing strategies also act as ‘brand awareness” and will keep your business name top of mind.

Deepening your impression on the interested-yet-doubtful customers.

As they see your ad more, psychologically they  start to trust and like your brand.

So to boost conversions and have people take action – you set up remarketing ads to remind people who didn’t act in the first time, to act now!

That brings us to our final part, Part 6 – Sales Conversion System.

lead generation for local business using facebook ads

6. Sale Conversion Systems

The purpose of running ads is to build an email database of people interested in your product and services.

When someone opts-in to your offer, your leads are putting up their hand to say “I really like what you’re offering and want to know more”.

Instead of ending the conversation right there, develop a follow up system to nurture that lead.

A simple monthly email newsletter, ask them to follow your Facebook page or call your leads to have a conversation with them.

When you communicate with your prospects on a consistent basis, you automatically increase the sales conversion process and encourage repeat customers and sales.

When you follow up, you business’s brand become familiar in your prospects minds and they’re more likely to take up the next promotion you run.

At the very minimum, the follow up process for new leads can be:

  • Basic and simple emails using text on white background ( you don’t need any fancy images or logos,  just a great email subject that is of benefit to them)
  • Traditional SMS reminders and picking up the phone to call your clients

Your follow up content gives you the chance to have personal connection with your prospects and leads.

They start to know, like and trust the relationship that is being built.

This brings us to an end of the 6-step process on running profitable Facebook Ads for local businesses. 

When you run Facebook ads for your local business, you will immediately experience:

  • Growth in your customer base, by targeting the right kind of clients who need your services and products.
  • A general positive brand image developed, about your local business, amongst the customers.
  • A clearer direction for further expanding your business in the future.

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