How To View Email Leads & Delete Email Contacts in GrooveMail

Delete contacts in GrooveMail

Removing contacts from your email lists helps you to keep your email list clean and ensures that your contacts receive the information they’re interested in. What is GrooveMail? GrooveMail is an email marketing software that has CRM functionality. Using tags and automation, you can define unlimited rules to trigger a sequence for any particular lead. […]

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How To Trigger A GrooveMail Email Automation With GrooveMember & GrooveSell (When Someone Purchased Your Course In GrooveMember)

groovemail, groovemember, groovesell automation

If you’ve built your online course on GrooveMember and want to know how to integrate GrooveSell and GrooveMail, this post is a must read. In this example, we’re: selling a course using GrooveSell’s shopping cart and sales management system delivering a course hosted on GrooveMember for fulfillment and using GrooveMail to trigger the email followup […]

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GrooveMail Sender Verification, Change Button Color, Text & Email Formatting


Since I made my GrooveMail part one and part two video tutorial… I noticed the same questions kept popping up in regards to troubleshooting GrooveMail.  In this post, I’m going to give you four troubleshooting hacks to deal with common GrooveMail bugs. Why does GrooveMail have bugs? Well it’s still in BETA at the time of writing and they […]

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GrooveMail Tutorial (Part 1) – How To Create An Email List, Tags, Opt-in Forms In GrooveMail & Embed It On A GroovePages


GrooveMail Overview GrooveMail is an email marketing software and CRM that’s part of the Groovefunnels suite of apps. The features and email automation available is similar to ActiveCampaign. You can create and assign tags to contacts for list segmentation. Send broadcast, create email autoresponders and email automation based on user’s behavior. If you don’t have […]

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