ClickDesigns Review: Custom 3D Mockup, Boxshots & Funnel Graphics In 60 Seconds?

If creating unique royalty-free images and designs for your websites and sales funnels is time-consuming, or hiring professional graphic designers is way out of your budget…

Then you need to check out ClickDesigns.

I purchased ClickDesigns and have complete access to all their graphic templates and advanced features.

This post is an in-depth review of ClickDesigns and whether it is worth the investment.

What Is ClickDesigns?

In a nutshell, ClickDesigns is a point-and-click, drag-and-drop design tool that allows you to create custom graphics for all your digital products.

These graphics include:

  • 2D & 3D book cover images
  • 2D & 3D report images
  • 2D & 3D box shot images
  • 2D & 3D worksheets, cheatsheets, and checklists
  • 3D online course bundle mockup images
  • Custom background images
  • Illustrations and scenes
  • Logos and favicons
  • Graphics designed for sales funnels

With ClickDesigns, you can create your own graphics in seconds without any design experience.

ClickDesigns’ Key Advantage

Clickdesigns review

Although there are many AI image generators available, ClickDesigns combines AI image generation and custom product images that give digital product owners and online course creators a professional look.

  • Major Pros: Wide range of pre-made design templates for digital creators, publishers and e-commerce product owners in an easy to use online interface. API integration with funnel builders, WordPress plugin and Google Chrome extension for easy graphic insertion.
  • Major Cons: Limited stock media library
  • Pricing: $39/Month (Pro pan) or $69/Month (Commercial plan)
  • Promotion: Get 29% OFF (Use Coupon: CD20OFF)
Get 29% OFF ClickDesigns

All the images and graphics you see on this post was created on ClickDesigns

How Does ClickDesigns Work?

ClickDesigns is marketed as a point-and-click design tool that focuses on marketing and sales graphics.

As someone who also uses Canva, I found that the 2D & 3D mockup templates were lacking and I was looking for a similar alternative.

After testing ClickDesigns for several months, this is my go-to software when I want to showcase the value of a software or online program as a graphic.

How ClickDesigns Works:

  1. Start from scratch (or use the templates)
  2. Customize the template
  3. Export and publish your image files

That’s it.

But let’s break it down into nitty-gritty steps so you can understand the user interface.

When you log in to the dashboard, click on “Templates” menu.

Clickdesigns templates menu

You will be prompted to select the category you wish to design for, and I chose the “logos” category.

On the following screen, you will be presented with two options:

  • Choose from a wide selection of templates across various niches
  • Start from a blank canvas

I opted for a logo template to test how usable the design templates really are.

There were a plethora of options to choose from – see below:

clickdesigns logos templates

The good thing is that you can narrow your search down to your specific category or niche.

In my case, I was looking for a logo related to a niche other than marketing like “cybersecurity”.

To begin my search, I entered the word “cyber” in the search box.

To my surprise, there was a logo template available for that specific category!

clickdesigns cyber logo

After selecting “Use Template,” the next screen transitioned to the “design editor.”

I wanted to change the font text and was pleasantly surprised by the range of styling options available inside the design editor, including:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Backgrounds
  • Shapes
  • Icons
  • Elements
  • Illustrations
  • Access to existing designs
  • Brand kit
  • QR code generator
Clickdesigns design editor

You can even change the icon colors to match your brand colors!

Additionally, as you scroll through the available fonts, you can see a live preview on the canvas.

I was happy with how the logo turned out, so I saved it.

Then, I hit “export” and was given the option to export the file in various file formats such as PNG, JPEG, WEBP, PDF, and SVG.

That’s very convenient, given how big PNG file sizes can be. I like to convert my images to WebP to maintain quality and reduce file size.

clickdesigns export jpg, png, svg, webp, pdf

I tried other design types, such as covers, box shots, device mockups, and funnel images, which you can see in my ClickDesigns demo video below.

Creating these mockups was just as easy as creating the logo.

Here’s the two images I created as bonus mockups for this review.

Clickdesigns bonuses 1
Clickdesigns bonuses 2

If you already know the specific mockup you’re after, such as a book cover, I recommend working with the existing design templates and making changes to them.

This will only take you a couple of minutes.

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ClickDesigns Review: Demo Video

Watch the video below to see a detailed walkthrough of ClickDesigns’ user interface and a demonstration of how to create boxshots, device mockups, and bundle mockup images.

Please note that prices may have changed since the creation of this video. For up-to-date prices, please refer to the ClickDesigns pricing information below.

ClickDesigns Pricing

When I created the video above, ClickDesigns just launched and had several price points.

You can still purchase the Front End offer for $67, use this link to get 29% OFF (enter Coupon: CD20OFF) and get it for $47.

This is a one-time payment, but it only provides access to the basic features of ClickDesigns, and you will be shown a few upsells.

On the plus side, the platform now includes AI content and image generation capabilities, leveraging the latest developments in technology.

I recommend going through the free trial and testing the platform before committing to a monthly plan.

🟢 Free Trial Option (14 Days Free)

If you would like to try ClickDesigns risk-free and test all their templates and features, you can do so through a 14-day free trial.

After that, you will need to upgrade to their paid monthly plans below.

🟢 Monthly Plans (Starts from $39/Month)

If you decide to go through their 14-day free trial, there are two plans available to continue using ClickDesigns. The table below lists the features you will gain access to.

FeaturesClickDesigns Pro: $39 /month, billed yearlyClickDesigns Business: $69 /month, billed yearly
Users​​​5 Users10 users
Projects & designsUnlimitedUnlimited
​​​​Exports & downloads
(PDF, PNG, JPG & WebP)UnlimitedUnlimited
​​​​A.I. content writerUnlimitedUnlimited
A.I. image creatorUnlimitedUnlimited
​​​A.I. image tools & background removerUnlimitedUnlimited
​​​Design templates
(graphics, logos, boxshots, covers, magazines, worksheets, cheatsheets, product bundles, mockups, and more.)7,000+ premium with new designs added daily14,000+ premium with new designs added daily
​​​​​​Design layouts
(boxshots, covers, worksheets, magazines, and more.)200+400+
​​​​​​Sales funnel graphic templates1000+1500+
Create custom dimension graphics
Save designs as templates
​​​Shapes, icons, elements & fonts20,000+50,000+
​​​Millions of free stock assets, photos & images
​​​​Image & photo filters, effects, shadows, & reflections
​​​​Automated logo maker
​​​​​​QR code generator
​​​Create custom mockups & product bundles
​​​Image & design template sharing
​​​Upload custom fonts
​​​Brand kits
​​​Collaborate & share projects
Marketing kits
(design templates for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter & LinkedIn)
​​​​Page design templates
(landing pages, webinar pages, sales pages, thank you pages and more including custom page designs.)
Social media design templates, social sharing, content planner, scheduler & publisher for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Twitter including A.I. social post writerNo
eCommerce design templates
(cosmetics, beverages, supplements, bags, sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies and more including custom eCommerce designs.)No
Print design templatesNo
Covers 2.0
(Open and closed covers & stacks)No
Publishing design templates
(KDP soft & hard covers.)No
ClickDesigns Google Chrome extension
​​​​​ClickDesigns WordPress plugin
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ClickDesigns Features & Benefits

Here are the key features and benefits I’ve experienced with ClickDesign.

Point & Click, Drag & Drop Editor

The user interface is easy to navigate and use. All need to do is point, click, drag and drop and the software does all the hard work for you.

Zero Learning Curve

No prior creative graphic design skills or technical coding experience required. Using ClickDesigns is fun with zero learning curve.

28 Industry-Specific Templates

There are pre-designed and customizable templates across 28 niche categories so you can make your own unique images regardless of what niche you’re in.

Blank ‘Multi-Purpose’ Canvas

This allows you to start from a blank canvas, layer in your own mockups and use the fully customizable templates inside the dashboard.

Multi-Angle Layout Views

Each market has a specific type of customer. That’s why you have graphics with multiple angles and layouts to choose from that are specifically designed to attract your audience.

Combine Existing Designs

Combine existing designs with new graphic designs inside the design editor.

This means you don’t need to log out of the editor and can access all your existing designs while you’re designing, saving you time.

Works With Many Platforms

If you use GroovePages, ClickDesigns offers API integration to add your graphic designs to your website, landing pages, and membership sites.

For bloggers or landing page creators using WordPress, ClickDesigns offers a WordPress plugin that allows easy access to all your designs and the ability to easily insert them into your posts and pages.

If you use other website and funnel builders such as ClickFunnels, Convertri, Instapages, Kartra, Leadpages, Kajabi, OptimizePress, Elementor, Themify, etc., you can simply export the files and upload them to the platform.

clickdesigns platform itegrations - groove, clickfunnels, kartra

Increases Sales Conversion

Imagine having custom graphics and designs for every part of your sales copy.

With ClickDesigns, you can create personalized images for your headlines, arrows, icons, emojis, buttons, custom backgrounds, bonus stacks, pricing tables, testimonials, online course bundle mockups, illustrations, and so much more!

Built by Marketers for Marketers

ClickDesigns was built by marketers for marketers.

If you need specific designs for certain sections of your sales page or affiliate promotions, they’re there for you.

Say goodbye to long, boring sales pages with huge chunks of text, and increase your sales conversions with sales-grabbing graphics.

High-Resolution Downloads

Download your designs in high-resolution PNG, JPG, WEBP, SVG, and PDF file formats.

Get pixel-perfect images every time.

Free Commercial License

If you’re a freelance designer or agency, you can sell your designs to clients anywhere in the world and keep 100% of the profits, thanks to ClickDesigns’ free commercial license.


Quickly Launch Your Products

Don’t wait weeks or months for designers to get back to you. Instead, launch your products overnight.

Plus, you can avoid waiting for additional time for edits and changes if you don’t like the initial designs

Save Tons of Money

In today’s visually driven world, it’s crucial to have designs in place before you can start selling your products or services.

However, a mockup for an online course bundle can cost up to $197, and all your sales graphics can add up to thousands of dollars!

Save yourself a tonne of money, avoid paying for expensive designers and use ClickDesigns instead.

Outsourcing graphic design costs

ClickDesigns Vs Canva Vs Photoshop

I use both Clickdesigns and Canva. Photoshop, on the other hand, has a steep learning curve, and I don’t have the time to master it.

I use the free version of Canva because it has templates for my social media posts, and they keep adding new ones.

I upload my custom mockups and graphics from Clickdesigns into those Canva templates.

However, for the past month, I have created all my designs for blog posts and sales funnels in ClickDesigns.

I like that its design templates are organized into categories related to marketing and sales, and that it allows me to create 2D and 3D mockups from Multi-Angle Layout Views.

Creating graphics that show your product in action is what drives clicks and sales. The quality of graphics generated by ClickDesigns is superb, and it’s easy to execute.

To visually compare ClickDesigns to Canva and Photoshop, here’s a quick table.

(Note: the image below was also created in ClickDesigns.)

ClickDesigns pricing
Get 29% OFF ClickDesigns

Who Should Use ClickDesigns?

ClickDesigns is for anyone who has a website, blog or a business in any niche. Graphic designs are needed everywhere.

In a nutshell, anyone who’s in business needs graphic designs. This includes:

  • Digital marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Video creators
  • Social media marketers
  • Online course creators
  • Authors and publishers
  • Software creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • eCommerce owners
Who is clickdesigns for?

Let me elaborate further on how different groups of people can benefit from using ClickDesigns:

  • Digital marketers who aim to promote their products and services and attract customers can benefit from sales-thumping mockups, covers, box shots, and creative designs for their webpages.
  • Bloggers who want to stand out in a crowded environment and attract visitors can leverage powerful, eye-popping visuals to rank high on search engines.
  • Video creators can get amazing videos with product bundles, graphics, and illustrations that add value without the need to pay for new ones for every project.
  • Social media marketers can increase visibility, promote brand awareness, and boost engagement with scroll-stopping thumbnails and posts across networks.
  • Online course creators can get show-stopping covers, product bundles, and digital device mockups for their online courses, presentations, and webinar content.
  • Authors and publishers can achieve New York Times Bestseller celebrity status on Amazon with mesmerizing covers that entice readers to ‘Look INSIDE’ and ‘buy my book’!
  • Software creators can showcase their app across multiple digital device mockups, product boxshots, covers, and bundles to boost sales.
  • Entrepreneurs can skyrocket their business to unimaginable heights with jaw-dropping designs to attract new customers and retain existing ones.
  • E-commerce & brick-and-mortar store owners can attract more customers with stunning and mouth-watering product shots and group shots for increased sales.

And here’s the interesting part…

If you’re a freelancer or looking for an additional source of income, ClickDesigns can make it easy for you.

ClickDesigns is user-friendly and requires no creative or technical skills or experience from its users. It empowers you to create design after design, maximizing your income potential.

You can create designs in just minutes. Imagine how many designs you can produce in an hour!

This is a side gig that can provide a full-time income.

ClickDesigns Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • WYSIWYG editor is user- and newbie-friendly
  • Has a wide array of done for you design templates that are easily customizable
  • You can create your own template and use it on different designs. For example, you created a template for a magazine cover. You can also use it as a book cover without starting from scratch. This is ideal if you want to create consistent brand colors and font across designs.
  • Design outputs are ready for publishing on blogs and funnel builders.
  • Highly compelling sales funnel graphics like badges, buttons, and mockups design to showcase the value of your products and services
  • ClickDesigns now offers AI content and image generation using the latest technology. It’s a valuable feature for digital product owners and online course creators who need unique images to stand out in a crowded market.
  • Custom support is via email, click “support” link located at the bottom of the page and the customer service team will get in contact with you.
  • Training updates of new features on their Youtube channel and Facebook group with easy to understand video tutorials.


  • Not suitable for audio and video design. ClickDesign does not allow exporting in Mp4, while Canva does. It is strictly a design tool.
  • More expensive than Canva. Although ClickDesign provides a wide range of features and templates, it can be a more costly option for those on a budget.

Customer Reviews

Overall, the reviews for ClickDesigns are positive, with many customers praising the ease of use and the quality of the designs.

Many also appreciate the wide range of pre-made design templates that cater to various niches and that they are constantly updating the software.

Many users have found it to be an excellent alternative to other design tools like Canva and Photoshop.

Clickdesigns customer reviews

My ClickDesigns Bonuses

I have a bunch of bonuses for you when you buy ClickDesigns through my link

#Bonus 1: GroovePages Done-For-You ClickDesigns Affiliate Template (Value $497)

Clickdesigns review - aimee vo

Swipe THIS ClickDesigns affiliate landing page I created on GroovePages. It took me over 48 HOURS to design this page and it’s yours for FREE.

A professional landing page with cost you at least $497.00 – it’s yours for free.

Clone my DFY ClickDesigns affiliate landing page in 10 SECONDS!

Use the sales copy I’ve already written here to promote ClickDesigns or any other promotion you have in mind.

Just swap out my graphics with your new ClickDesigns images, bonuses and add YOUR affiliate link to make this page unique to you.

You can also re-purpose this template as a short sales page if you want to sell low priced items!

#Bonus 2: 100 Canva Pinterest Templates

Clickdesigns bonus 2

I use Pinterest to drive a tonne of FREE traffic to blog posts and funnels… and so should YOU!

Pinterest traffic works for all types of niches, generates backlinks and increases your website rankings.

Combine your mockups, illustrations and graphics from ClickDesigns on to these 100 DFY editable Canva templates.

Creating pin-worthy images have never been easier!

#Bonus 3: 100 Canva Instagram Templates

clickdesigns bonus 3

Re-purpose your ClickDesigns graphics into Instagram posts using these DFY editable Canva templates.

You only need the free version of Canva and upload your attention grabbing ClickDesigns images into these templates.

Bulk create 100 Instagram posts and schedule them out in one go!

These 100 DFY editable Canva Instagram templates have images slots ready for you.

Design custom background and graphics on ClickDesign and drag them into Canva – easy!

#Bonus 4: 950+ Done For You Cash Generating Emails

clickdesign bonus 4

You’ll get 950+ done-for-you promotional emails to edit and use.

This is a massive email swipe file that is organised into 32 marketing topics to help you write high converting emails.

You can use these emails as is but I wouldn’t recommend that.

I use these emails as copy ideas, intro lines, closing lines, and guarantees, benefits points in my promotional emails.

Here are some of the topics covered in the email swipes:

  • affiliate marketing
  • product creation
  • coaching
  • free reports
  • list building
  • memberships
  • video creation
  • Youtube
  • SEO
  • sales funnels
  • sales conversion
  • social media traffic
  • WordPress
  • and much more!
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ClickDesigns FAQs

Can I use this on any funnel builder?

YES! just export and upload the images to any page or funnel builder. If you have a website and blog, just hit export and upload the image into your own platform.

How easy is it to use ClickDesigns and is it buggy?

Really easy, If you watch my demo in the review video, you will see it’s a point-and-click, drag-and-drop design software that takes care of the design work for you.

 Can I search for specific graphic design templates?

YES! just enter the keyword in the search box to filter down design templates. For example: go to logos templates, then enter “health” in the search box and you will find all related health logo templates to edit.

Can I resell my Clickdesigns graphics?

YES! this is a commercial licence so you can sell your own designs and keep 100% of the profits. Create custom 3d mockups, boxshots, online course mockups, unique graphics for yourself or provide it as a service. A lot of freelance designers are selling this from $25 to $55 per mockup image on fiverr!

Are the graphics inside the software free?

YES, they are FREE! All photos and graphics inside are 100% royalty-free. Images and photos do not require attribution, so you don’t have to worry when you’re using the images within the platform.

Do I still need Canva?

No but I like to use BOTH. I use the free version of Canva and the paid version of ClickDesigns to create really unique product images. With Canva you have to pay for premium icons, illustrations, graphics and you can’t export an image with transparent background. With ClickDesigns, you can do all this and more.

ClickDesigns Review Verdict

The ClickDesigns WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is a godsend for people who are not technical.

Plus it’s hard to go wrong when you have a have access to high quality pre-made design templates!

The only catch?

Other designs like covers of magazines and books are locked behind a paywall and you will need to upgrade to their monthly plans.

It’s design for business owners and marketers who sell on social platforms, paid ads and blog posts.

It’s THE secret weapon that will help you create attention grabbing graphics that sell like crazy.

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