GroovePages Tutorial For Beginners – A Complete Walkthrough

If you’re just getting started with GroovePages OR haven’t logged into GroovePages for a while and need a refresher – then this video is for you!

In this GroovePages tutorial for beginners, I’m going to give you a complete walk through of GroovePages and how to navigate the interface with the latest updates.

During 2021, GroovePages has gone through at least 10 updates and many features have been relocated to different areas of the dashboard.

Now, this video is intense so I’ve included timestamps to EVERY section within the video below:

GroovePages Templates

00:00 – Intro from Aimee

00:22 – Free Groove Training & Bonuses From Aimee

01:06 – Creating a new site & GroovePages Templates

GroovePages Global Site Settings

02:31 – Global Site Settings

02:59 – Changing Favicon and uploading images

03:41 – Global font settings for entire site

04:06 – Global Custom CSS

04:25 – Where to add Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Ad Tracking tags or pixels

05:19 – Global Open Graph settings: OG Image and OG Title

05:56 – That little pink check icon you need to click to SAVE changes!

GroovePages Export Site & GrooveFunnels ShareFunnel Link

06:09 – Exporting your GroovePages site’s HTML files

06:30 – How to revert your website to a previous version

06:58 – How to generate a sharefunnel link for your website or funnel

07:35 – GroovePages Instant Edit bookmarklet

GroovePages Page Settings & Editing Pages

07:53 – Page settings and editing pages

08:14 – Editing Page name, URL, Page title, keywords and meta description

09:50 – Exit page by confirmation toggle option

10:09 – Setting default font for a specific page

10:22 – Where to add CSS to a specific page

10:33 – Where to add advertising conversion codes for specific pages like thankyou pages

10:52 – Open Graph settings for specific pages

11:05 – Setting Specific pages as Home page

11:29 – Renaming Pages in GroovePages

11:40 – Cloning Pages & Deleting Pages

Saving a Page As A GroovePages Template

12:05 – Saving Page as a Template

12:20 – How to access your Saved Page templates

12:41 – Hiding pages from menu navigation

14:00 – Importing pages from a existing website or page from funnel builders like ClickFunnels or Kartra

GroovePages Funnels Tab

14:40 – Moving Pages To Funnels tab

16:28 – Funnels tab – how it works

GroovePages Webinars Tab

17:59 – Webinars tab – how it works

GroovePages Heirarchy

21:38 – MUST WATCH: GroovePages Hierarchy and breadcrumbs

GroovePages Block Types

18:50 – The 3 Block types available in GroovePages

20:35 – How to use Blocks in GroovePages

21:27 – Moving Blocks in GroovePages

23:26 – Saving a block as a Template for re-use

24:12 – Adding additional columns to an existing block

24:40 – Cloning and deleting blocks

24:54 – Changing Block Background (Color, Image & Video)

GroovePages Elements & Styling

26:47 – ELEMENTS

27:12 – Adding Text Elements (Editing Font type, weight, color)

29:16 – Creating two font colors in one sentence

29:40 – Uploading Images, update image size & centre align image

31:25 – Adding Buttons, changing button color and CTA label

32:50 – Adding GrooveVideo element & how to configure it

33:26 – Adding GrooveMail element & how to configure it

35:26 – Adjusting Column Gutter Width

36:21 – Container Size (Narrow Width)

36:21 – How to move elements up and down

Creating a Popup In GroovePages

37:55 – Creating a popup with sign up form

🔗 Link to Groove ActiveCampaign to style forms:

GroovePages Integrations

0:53 – Adding 3rd party integrations like email marketing & zapier

Mobile Responsive Design In GroovePages

41:38 – Responsive Mobile Design

🔗 Link to my previous mobile design tutorial that is still relevant:

Connecting & Publishing Custom Domain To Groove

42:46 – 🔗 Link to publishing brand new custom domain to Groove:

43:00 – 🔗 Link to publishing a subdomain when you’re on WordPress:

GroovePages Videos To Watch Next

43:20 – 🔗 Link to 20 GroovePages tips and tricks: (see pinned comment for video updates) 🔗 Link to How to create a high converting option page on GroovePages:

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