GrooveVideo Tutorial – How To Add Video Elements To Increase Your Conversions

So ordinary video plays just host your videos right?

With GrooveVideo you can:

  • host your videos privately
  • add interactive video elements to increase conversions
  • and view powerful video analytics. 

Right now, you can get your free GrooveFunnels account, upload and host up to 15 videos for free. 


  • Is like your own built-in Wistia and Vimeo to host videos
  • Get video analytics and data
  • Host private videos for online courses, membership content, or video sales letters
  • Upload your marketing and product content videos to GrooveVideo and embed them anywhere

Read more on GrooveVideo here.

What is Video Marketing?

  • If a photo’s worth a thousand words, then how much more valuable are videos?
  • That’s the basis of video marketing, a forward-facing marketing strategy that integrates engaging video into your marketing campaigns.
  • Video marketing can be used for everything from building customer rapport, to promoting your brand, services or products.
  • Additionally, video marketing can serve as a medium to present how-to’s, promote customer testimonials, live-stream events and deliver viral (entertaining) content.

How To Add Video Elements To GrooveVideo Tutorial

What Can You Achieve With GrooveVideo? 

GrooveVideo has four major elements however you have the option to upload your video with no elements. 

1. No Video Elements

  • This video has no elements, it’s a simple to upload and the title overlay is highlighted with a red box.
  • This is great if you want to host videos privately for your online course or membership content. 
GrooveVideo Tutorial - How To Add Video Elements To Increase Your Conversions groovevideo

2. An Opt-in Form Element

  • This video element gives you the option of having an opt-in form pop up
  • The viewer will need to enter their name and email in order to unlock the video content. 
  • So it’s great for lead generation especially on a blog post. 
GrooveVideo Tutorial - How To Add Video Elements To Increase Your Conversions groovevideo

3. Banner Element

  • This is where you can add a banner image to your video. 
  • You can set when the banner appears and link that banner to a specific URL or page. 
  • There’s also an option to skip to the banner however it’s quite small. 
  • At the moment, the banner is not working so hopefully Groove Digital gets this working soon. 
GrooveVideo Tutorial - How To Add Video Elements To Increase Your Conversions groovevideo

4. Text Overlay Element

  • This adds a lower third text overlay on your video
  • You can set when the text overlay appears and it links to a specific URL.  
  • In the image below, the pink video control player is blocking the CTA however you can see says; “Get My Sales Funnel Planning Workbook”. 
  • If someone clicks on it, it opens up to a new URL. 
GrooveVideo Tutorial - How To Add Video Elements To Increase Your Conversions groovevideo

5. Test Overlay With A Call To Action Button

  • This is quite similar to the text overlay and the only difference is there is a pink call to action button
  • You can add a link to the CTA button when someone clicks on it.
  • In the image below, you’ve got the call to action with the button as “Register Your Seat”
  • This is really good if you want someone to watch a video and then click through to register for your webinar training.  
GrooveVideo Tutorial - How To Add Video Elements To Increase Your Conversions groovevideo

How To Upload Your Videos On GrooveVideo

  • Log into GrooveFunnels and click on a GrooveVideo on the left panel. 
  • Head to “Library”, this is where you can upload your own videos. 
  • Click on “+ Add New Video” on the top right. 
adding new video on groovevideo

Ways of Uploading Videos

  1. Paste in an existing Youtube video URL. 
  2. Grab a video URL that’s hosted elsewhere or
  3. Upload your own video from your hard drive.
  • For this example, let’s upload our own video so click on “Select File” and choose the video to be uploaded, OR you can just drag that video file on the gray area.
ways of uploading video
  • Once that video has finished uploading and at 100%, the next pink button will appear, just click on “Next”
uploading video process
  • When it says processing complete, Press OK. 
GrooveVideo Tutorial - How To Add Video Elements To Increase Your Conversions groovevideo

Configuring Video Details

  • Under video details, give your video a title name so I’m just going to call this “No Video Elements”.  
  • Under description, just provide whatever makes sense to you because the description section does not appear in your videos. 
video details
  • For thumbnail, you can upload any thumbnail by just uploading a new photo or choosing from your library.  
  • The thumbnail size should be the same dimension size of your video. 
  • In my case, video dimension is 1280 by 720 so therefore when you’re uploading your thumbnail image it should be also 1280×720 as a HD video image size. 
uploading thumbnail
  • With watermark, you can watermark your own videos by uploading a logo or any image to appear on the top left corner of your video. 
  • Click on “Choose Image” to select a photo as your watermark. 
GrooveVideo Tutorial - How To Add Video Elements To Increase Your Conversions groovevideo
  • Choose the image you would like to set as a watermark
  • Then click on “Select” and that image should appear as a watermark
uploading watermark image
  • For the “End action”, if you click on the drop-down arrow, you can choose to just end the video or loop the video from the beginning. 
  • Scroll back up and then press “Next” on the top right of the page. 
video end action

Configuring Video Settings

  • For video size, when you click down on the drop-down arrow, you can make your video size responsive as in the size of the video will adjust to the user’s screen size or you can set it at fix. 
  • You can decide to show the video controls by togging it on and off, mute on start, autoplay the video on load, all you need to do is toggle this left to right. 
Video settings
  • If you click on the “Show overlay title” and type in a text
  • It will appear as this video overlay title as per the image below
  • Then we’ll click on “Next” on the to right. 
show overlay title

There are four major video elements that you can add to increase your conversion and sales.

We’ll go through each of these elements one by one…  

Video Element: Optin Form

  • Click on “Add” for opt-in form.
adding optin form on video
  • You can set the opt-in form to display whenever you like.
  • You can also have the Headline Text as “Enter your name and email to view the video”. 
  • If you toggle “show skip button” to the right, users can skip that opt-in form and proceed to watch the video.  
  • However if you like to use it as a lead generation strategy, you would not show skip button and then press “Done”.  
customizing optin form
  • In order to delete the opt-in form, you can click on the delete button on the opt-in form section.
deleting an optin form element

Video Element: Banner Image

  • Now there is a small glitch with the banner element at the time of writing this blog post (it’s been fixed!)
  • This option will be available to you in to add a banner image.  
  • It’s pretty much the same process, just click on “Add”
adding a banner element
  • Customize the banner by setting it to appear at any duration and time relevant to you
  • Click “choose an image” and upload your image
  • Enter a URL to your landing page
  • Which means if someone clicks on my banner, they will go to my website at “”
  • I can also give people the option of skipping this banner.  
  • You can toggle that on and off and press “Done”. 
customizing banner element

Video Element: Text Overlay

  • A text overlay appears like #4 above, where you can see a black background with the word text. 
  • If you click on the text, it opens up a new page.
  • In order to do that, we’ll click on “Add” on text overlay section.
adding a text overlay
  • Set the time when the text overlay appear and how long will it stay on the video
  • The text appearing on the banner could be “Get My Lead Magnet” or call to action you like
  • You can choose to hyperlink the caption as well, enter in a URL then press “Done”. 
customizing Text overlay

Video Element: Text Overlay With CTA

  • It’s just a call to action with a pink button so that people can click through.
  • Click on “Add” to apply this element on your video.  
adding text overlay with CTA on the video
  • Again, customize the time of display of the text overlay and the text could be “Register for my training”.
  • On the button text, It could be “Register now” and the URL would be your landing page then you press “Done”. 
customizing text overlay with CTA button on video

Those are the 4 video elements available to you in GrooveVideo.

Let’s say that we stick with the text overlay with a call to action video element and press save.

saving the video element

Edit Video Details

  • Head over to the video that you wish to rename and click on the 3 dots on the corner of that video then select “Edit.”
renaming the video
  • In this example, I’ll rename this with “Text overlay CTA” and press “Save”.
renaming the video details

Embedding GrooveVideo on GroovePages

  • Place your cursor on the video then click on “Embed”.
embed code
  • A popup will appear with your video code so just copy the code. 
copying the video code
  • Now login to GroovePages.  
  • In order to embed your video, you will need to head to “Elements”. 
  • Scroll down and under Other, drag in Code Embed then pop it in the the desired area for the video. 
adding code embed element on groovepages
  • Click on the code embed element then click on the cogwheel icon.  
cogwheel icon to place code
  • Paste in that video embed code from GrooveVideo.
  • Once you’re done, click on “Save”. 
adding the source code from groovevideo
  • You video should load and press “Save”. 

To preview the video, click on the eye icon as seen on the image below.

preview video
  • That’s a video overlay title and the call to action is popping up. 
  • Text Overlay “Register for my training” and the call to action is “Register Now”. 
output of the video

That’s it guys!  Make sure you grab your free sales funnel planning workbook below.

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