How To Add GroovePages Website To Google Search Console

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results.

You don’t have to sign up for Search Console to be included in Google Search results, but Search Console helps you understand and improve how Google sees your site.

Who should use Search Console?

Anyone with a website!

From generalist to specialist, from newbie to advanced.

Google Search Console can also help you track your website’s keywords.

  • Business owners: Even if you won’t be using Search Console yourself, you should be aware of it, become familiar with the basics of optimizing your site for search engines and know what features are available in Google Search.
  • SEO specialists or marketers: As someone focused on online marketing, Search Console will help you monitor your website traffic, optimize your ranking, and make informed decisions about the appearance of your site’s search results.
  • You can use the information in Search Console to influence technical decisions for the website and do sophisticated marketing analysis in conjunction with other Google tools like Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Ads.

How To Add GroovePages Website To Google Search Console Via CloudFlare & Verify Property Ownership

Login To Google Search Console

  • Search “Google Search Console” on Google and select the first link in the search results.
  • Log in to Google Search Console using the Gmail account that you want to be associated with your GroovePages website.
  • If you already have a Google Analytics account, use the same Gmail account to log in.
  • We’re going to click on “Start Now”.  

Adding Property

  • Once you’ve logged in, click on this drop-down arrow and click on “+ Add property”.
  • Under domain, you want to enter your domain URL and this excludes the HTTPS version or the HTTP.
  • If your domain is “” then enter “”.
  • If your domain is on the root domain like mine without the “www” then you just enter it as is.
  • Then click on “Continue”.

Verifying Domain Ownership

  • Since you’re managing your DNS and SSL on GroovePages via Cloudflare, you will need to add Google’s TXT records in Cloudflare.
  • For Instructions, leave it at Any DNS provider.  
  • Next step is copying the TXT records into your DNS which is Cloudflare so click on “Copy”.

If you don’t know what Cloudflare is, please check on my blog on “How to set up a custom domain on GroovePages and Cloudflare“.

If you haven’t implemented that training first this won’t work.

  • Open up a new tab and head to Cloudflare then log in. 
  • Make sure that you’ve got your domain selected on the drop-down arrow and click on DNS.
  • Under the DNS management, click on ” + Add record”.  
  • Under Type, click on the drop-down arrow and select “TXT record”.
  • Under Name, if your GroovePage’s website is on the root domain then add “@”
    • ie. “” then you will add the “@” symbol.
  • If you have GroovePages on a subdomain, enter the subdomain name.
    • ie. “” then you will add “go”.
  • Under Content, this is where you paste in the copied TXT record from Google Search Console tab.
  • Click Save.
  • Switch back to your Google Search Console tab and click on VERIFY.
  • A notification will pop up to confirm verification.
  • Click on “Go to Property”.
  • Click on Start on the next pop up.

Google Search Console Overview

  • Over in the left-hand panel, you’ve got a few tabs to monitor and manage your website’s performance in Google.  
  • Given that you have just added this domain, there won’t be any data yet so you would come back in a day or two to check to see the Google Search Console is tracking your website.

I’ll switch over to one of my domains to give you a quick overview of what you can find once you start receiving traffic and data.

  • Under Overview, it just gives you a quick snapshot of all the tabs under here but we want to click on performance. 
  • In Performance Tab, you can set the time frame of the data that you’d like to see.
  • You can set the date at 28 days, three months, or six months.
  • On the line chart, this gives you the total number of clicks to your website and the total number of impressions.  
  • The purple line is the number of times your website was shown on Google over the last three months.
  • Under Queries, you can see the keywords and a breakdown of the clicks per keyword as well as the number of impressions
  • Under Pages, it will show you the pages on your website and the number of total clicks and impressions it gets.
  • Under Countries, this shows in which the website is getting traffic from.
  • Under Devices, show you the number of clicks on mobile, desktop, and tablet.
  • In URL inspection, if you created a new page on GroovePages, you can enter that page’s URL here and Google will tell you if it’s been indexed or not.
  • If it isn’t then you can submit that page for index.

One of the most important features of using Google Search Console is submitting your site map so that Google can crawl all of your pages.

GroovePages doesn’t have a sitemap feature yet.

When that is available you can go under Sitemaps and submit your sitemap URL address and click on submit. 

You can build it manually but what I found that even without submitting the sitemap I find that once you start creating content Google will eventually index your pages and you’ll find those pages.

Lastly, if you’re doing SEO and you’re building links to your website, you want to go to security and manual actions.

  • Click on Manual Actions.

Now Google issues a manual action against a website when a human reviewer at Google has determined that a page on the site is not compliant with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines.

So Google manually reviews you then you would check under this section to make sure that your website is not de-indexed from Google.

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