How To Connect a CUSTOM DOMAIN & Publish To, GroovePages, GrooveMember & GrooveBlog

Connecting your custom domains on has changed AGAIN!

Which means my custom domain tutorials on Youtube for GroovePages, GrooveMember and GrooveBlog are now outdated 🙁

In this article, I’ll go through the whole process again of connecting a brand new domain to and link it to GroovePages, GrooveMember and GrooveBlog.

Let’s dive right in.

Connect & Publish A Brand New Custom Domain to

  • Head to the top right corner where the hamburger icon is, click on it .
  • Select “My Account” and “Domains” tab
  • You’ll be given two options, using “Groovepages subdomain” or “Connecting your own custom domain:
  • You want to select “Custom domains” and click on “Manage” add custom domains
  • Now all of my domains that I’ve connected previously (via Cloudflare to Groove) are listed down here.
  • Over on the right of your domain, you can see the corresponding apps that you can connect to your domain (with more apps coming soon) domain list

Very quickly, let me explain how this works:

  • If an app is connected to your domain, it will be activated with a color…
  • If it’s greyed out, then that app isn’t connected to your domain yet.
  • If you see a red line underneath an app – this is the main app or the hero app connected to your root domain.
  • So in this example, I’m using GroovePages which is the main app I want connected to my root domain.
  • If there is no underline, but it’s activated with a color – that means that this app is connected to a subdomain of your domain.

Adding a brand new domain and connecting it to GroovePages

The reason why you want to connect it to GroovePages first is because logically you want to build your website or funnels on the root domain.

  • So click on the “Add a domain” button
  • Step 1: What kind of domain do you want to add?
    • We’re going to select “full domain setup” ( as it’s recommended for brand new or unused domains)
    • Click next
  • Enter in your domain name here – so that’s and click next.
  • You’re going to be given Groove’s domain name servers here (which is outlined with a red box below)
  • Groove has given you instructions on how to add these name servers to your domain registry.
  • I purchase my domains at Porkbun, yours could be namecheap, godaddy etc.
How To Connect a CUSTOM DOMAIN & Publish To, GroovePages, GrooveMember & GrooveBlog custom domain

Lets login to Porkbun since that’s my domain provider, I click on details :

  • The section I want to edit is AUTHORITATIVE NAMESERVERS
porkbun name server change
  • This is where I want to replace with Groove’s domain name servers so I’m going to click on “edit”.
  • You want to head back to Groove, copy these name servers and paste it back into the name servers section in Porkbun.
  • Each Groove name server is to be added on a separate line and press submit.

If your domain is with namecheap:

  • You would login to Namecheap.
  • click on “Domain’s list” and “manage”
  • Click on the domains tab up top, head down to name servers and select “Custom DNS”
  • This section is where you want to enter in Groove’s domain server here – domain server 1 & domain server 2
  • Once you’re done click on the check icon

TIP: If you bought your domains at a place like Godaddy or any registry for example, all you need to do is just google “update nameservers on Godaddy” and you’ll see the instructions on how to do this for your specific domain registry.

  • Lets head back to grooves and click NEXT
  • Click on “Validate DNS records” validate name servers for custom domain
  • You will need to validate your domain before you can select the groove app you want it associated to.
  • Once you validated your domain, there will be a yellow alert that tells you to check back in one hour.
  • After 1 hour, refresh browser again and head back into the domains tab.
  • There will be a pink button that you will need to “Click to verify domain”
groove domain click to verify domain
  • It will prompt you to add name servers and validate your DNS records again as per below: click to validate dns records again

Now you can choose the primary app that you would like to be connected to your root domain.

  • Click on “Choose Primary App for this domain”.
  • When you click on the drop down arrow, you can make your root domain to any of these apps.
  • You can have your root domain, on groovesell, groovemember, grooveblog – but I would NOT select any of these apps and choose GroovePages because you want to build out your webpages and funnels on your root domain using GroovePages.
  • Click on the pink check button.

You’re done and should see a red line under Groovepages app – that is the hero app that is connected to the root domain.

  • Click on the check icon again and you will be redirected to the DNS records.


  • DELETE any domain registry RECORDs that is pointing your root domain to another server.
  • If you have an any TXT or MX records for your email accounts, leave them in place.

OK Now that you have selected GroovePages as the main app:

  • GroovePages icon will be activated with a blue color and a red line underneath it which is the hero app.
  • Click on Update.

Publishing Domain on GroovePages

  • Open up a GroovePages website and head up to “publish”, click on it.
  • Under hosting options:
    • select “custom domain”
    • Select the domain you just aded
    • Select “Root domain”
  • Under “publish”, hover over the website button
  • Click on the cloud icon to publish the whole site
  • Give it a few minutes to go live.
  • To obtain your Domain URL:
    • Hover over the website button again
    • Click on this link icon in the middle – it should copy the URL
    • Open a new browser, paste in that URL

Your domain is now published and live.

For instructions on how to add your domain to GrooveBlog and GrooveMember, I recommend you watch my Youtube video from the 7min mark.

Connecting GrooveMember as a Sub-domain:

  • Go back to the domains tab again
  • Click “Custom domains” > “Manage”
  • Using the same domain, you’ll click on the GrooveMember app icon
  • Under Actions > click on the + button
  • Add a subdomain name like “Members”
  • Click on the check button and it’s now added
  • Head back up top and click on update
  • Now you’re going to head to the Groovemember app > Content > Memberships
  • Select the membership you want to add the sub-domain to.
  • Head to “Actions” > settings
  • Under custom domain: select the root domain
  • Under subdomain, select members. your
  • Click “Update Settings”.

The same process applies to connecting GrooveBlog to your custom domain.

Connecting GrooveBlog as a Sub-domain:

  • Go back to the domains tab again
  • Click “Custom domains” > “Manage”
  • Using the same domain, you’ll click on the GrooveBlog app icon
  • Under actions > click on the + button
  • Your subdomain name would be something like “blog”
  • Click on this check button and it’s now added
  • Now head to the Grooveblog app > select your GrooveBlog to open
  • Click on “Settings” > “Domains” tab
  • Under custom domain: select the root domain
  • Under subdomain, select the subdomain name “blog” you just created
  • Click SAVE.

Ok we’re done. Custom Domain NOT Available Under “Publish” in GroovePages? 2 Custom Domain Fixes

A few people have reached out to me stating that they still couldn’t publish their domains even after following my tutorial.

Here are two fixes for troubleshooting custom domains:

If you’re still experiencing technical issues with your name servers – please reach out to Groove support by going to GrooveDigital Support and creating a ticket.

If you’re really stuck, head to my Youtube channel and leave a comment underneath that video.