Groovemember tutorial - how to create an online membership site for free

GrooveMember is a free online membership site and course creation portal.

It is part of Groove’s all in one platform that allows you to build website, landing pages, sales funnel, email marketing, host videos for courses and memberships and more!

GrooveMember is still in beta and has improved a bit since I last tested it which was October. 

Unlike other learning management systems like “thinkific” or “teachable”, GrooveMember gives you that flexibility of customizing the layout of your course lessons. 

If you just want to create a free online course that allows you to drip out content and give your members a username and password…

Then GrooveMember will do just the job for you and it’s free!

How To Create An Online Membership Site In GrooveMember Tutorial

I’m going to build out my GrooveFunnels quick start course as an example in this GrooveMember tutorial.

Create An Outline Of Your Course

  • In this tutorial, I’m going to setup my Groovefunnels quick-star course.
  • I’m not going to build out my whole course here as the main purpose of this tutorial is to show you the configuration setup inside of GrooveMember.
  • I’ve already uploaded these videos in GrooveVideo and I have the code embed for each video in my outline.
  • If you don’t know how to upload your videos onto  GrooveVideo then check out my review here.
GrooveFunnels Quick-start course draft

Creating A New Membership Site

Manage membership
  • Click on “Content” on the left panel and select the “Memberships”. 
opening membership dashboard
  • To create your membership, head over to the top right of the page and click on the “New Membership” button. 
  • A pop-up will appear, give your membership a name. 
  • I’ll call mine “GrooveFunnels Quick Start Course”. 
  • For the subdomain, this is a name that will be used to generate a subdomain on so it must be unique. 
  • If someone already has the same name as you, it won’t be available and you need to think of another name. 
  • i.e. =
  • I’m going to call this “gfrockstars” and click create a membership. 
creating new membership

This will pre-load the membership wizard that walks you through seven steps to set up your membership correctly…

Step 1: Basic Information On Membership

  • Under the Name and Description, it’s preloaded with the name, description. 
  • Under Sales Page, this can be any page that you have and it doesn’t have to be on Groove Pages, however, I recommend building your sales page on GroovePages so that when they’re out of beta you can get better reporting. 
  • For your sales page  URL, it needs to have an “https” in the front, or else you can’t move to the next step. 
  • Click on “Save & Next”. 
Basic info of the membership site

Step 2: Design.  

  • Under Instructor, create instructor by clicking on “Create New Instructor”. 
Creating instructor
  • Under the Instructor Name, I’ve already put in “Jane Do”.  
  • Under Instructor Description, I’ve just put in “Jane has been launching digital marketing campaigns…”
  • Tip: Instructor description cannot be more than 80 characters.
  • Under the Instructor Image, choose an image from the library or upload a photo then click “Select”
  • Once your information has been filled out, click on “Create”.
configure new instructor
  • Under the Customize Tab, to upload a logo, click on “Choose Image” then select or upload an image of your logo. 
  • For the featured image, select a photo again from your media library.
  • Underneath there is “Show Progress Bar”, you can toggle this left to right to show the progress.  
  • Then click on “Save & next”. 
customize membership design

Step 3: The Builder

  • This is where you design the layout and add content to the members’ areas. 
  • Click on the “Click Here To Open Builder”.
open membership builder
  • As you can see in the image below, the logo is appearing to be outside of the header so I suggest you test the size of your logo.  
  • In this particular logo, I’ve got it at 60 pixels height and you might want to make that smaller.  
  • Over on the left sidebar, you have the “+” and the “Outline” button.
  • The “+” button, is where you can drag in headings, text, video code embeds links it allows you to customize the membership layout for each lesson. 
Adding elements on groovemember
  • Let’s click on “Outline”. 
  • The home tab is defaulted for you and that will always be there (you can rename this tab to whatever you like) 
  • To build out your course outline, you’ll click on the plus button in that category name. 
  • Think of a category as a module, enter in our first module name. 
  • TIP: Create a course outline first before building your membership site so you could save some time.
  • And I’ll highlight the title from my outline and copy then paste it in the name on GrooveMember.  
  • Click on “Add category”.
Adding Category
  • You can click on these three dots beside the outline name to rename and to clone lessons. 
3 buttons for renaming category
  • You will have the subcategory automatically loaded under the category. 
  • So Category = Module and Subcategories= Lesson.  
  • TIP: When you’re building out your membership, create your categories first and add one lesson only because you get to format the lessons first. That way, you can clone the lesson with a fixed layout and you don’t need to go back and format every lesson in terms of its layout. 
Adding a new category
  • Repeat the same process to build out your modules and courses.
  • Click on the “Add” on the left panel to drag in the text element and pop it in the canvas.  
  • Highlight the text and paste in the description of the lesson. 
  • Head back to “Add” again and drag in the “Code Embed” element. 
  • The reason why I dragged in the code embed is that I want to embed the GrooveVideo code (GrooveVideo is part of Groove’s platform and is a hosting app) 
  • Go back to your outline then copy the source code of the video on GrooveVideo.
GrooveMember Tutorial - How To Create An Online Membership Site For Free membership site
  • Click on the code embed element then click on the cogwheel icon. 
Cog wheel Icon
  • Paste in the code and press “Save” then it will load up my video on the builder. 
input video source code
  • To customize the text format, click on the text, and over on the right-hand side, you can format its spacing, font, etc. like on GroovePages. 
Formatting text element
  • You can go back to “Add” and drag in a button then pop it right underneath the video. 
adding a button element
  • Click on the video, and add margin so that the button won’t be too close to each other.
  • Click on the “Download Cheat Sheet”, configure that on the right-hand panel and link it to a pdf download, and then press “Update”.  
configuring button
  • That’s how I would format it for a lesson, keeping it simple where you have the text description, video lesson and some resources to download. 
  • So once you’ve got the basic layout of your lesson, press on “Save and Exit” because you want that lesson format to be saved. 
saving lesson layout
  • Then click on  “Back” and “Open The Builder Again”. 
Opening builder again
  • Head back to “Outline” and click on the first lesson you created then click on the three dots to clone it.
  • Again, click three dots and rename it which will be lesson two. 
cloning subcategory
  • Head back to your outline again and copy the description of the lesson as well as the video code embed then paste it on GrooveMember. 
  • TIP: if you plan your course outline, modules, lessons, description and video code embed, it just makes the whole process really easy.  
  • Repeat the same process until you have created your whole course.
  • In the example, I’ve created three modules and two lessons each as you can see on the image below the membership outline.
Renaming Home default button
  • Click on the “Outline” on the left panel and select a lesson that you wish to format or add in elements.
  • Once you have formatted your course, click “Save & Exit” on the top bar. 

Step 4: Comments

  • Under “Enable Comments”, you can choose to enable comments for each lesson by toggling it to the right.
  • To disable comments, toggle it to the left. 
enable comments
  • Under “Comment Moderation”, it will default to “Auto-approve all comments” or you can select the “Comments must be approved by an admin”. 
  • Then click on “Save & Next”. 
comment moderation

Step 5: Access Levels 

  • Under “Membership Access”, let’s say you have a Silver, Gold, and Platinum plan.
  • Underr level 1, click on the pencil icon to rename it to “Silver” and press “Save”.
  • Over on the right, click on the “+” button to add the second level. 
  • For the second level, we’ll call that “Gold” and press “Save”. 
  • Repeat the process to create the third level, “Platinum Plan”.
Adding Access level
  • Now that there are three levels, you can toggle each lesson to the right and decide which lessons you want to give access to depending on what level the person is on. 
  • For example, let’s say for level one, you only want to give access to the first two lesson.
  • For level two, which is the gold plan, you might want to give them access to four lessons.
  • Then for a platinum plan that person gets access to all lessons. 
  • You would have more lessons than what I have and add more products to your membership. 
accessibility of lesson per teir

If you click on the pencil icon next to “Instant access”, you have the option to give instant access “Drip Feed” the content after some days or give “Access to the content after a specific date”. 

So let’s click on the “Drip Feed Access” and you can set it to give access after two days. 

drip feed access
  • Or you can select the “Access from a specific date” and if you click on the date, a calendar will pop up and you can set the date that you want that person to have access to.  
  • I’ll cancel out of that and just give “Instant Access” then press update. 
access from a specific date
  • Now because GrooveMember is still in beta, what you’ve noticed is that all the lessons have defaulted to no access so you’ll need to go through and give access to different levels again. 
  • Then click on “Save & Next”. 
saving configuration

Step 6: Welcome Message

  • Leave it at “Sending default welcome email” because you want a GrooveMember to automatically email our members with their username and password. 
  • Click on “Save & Next”. 
sending welcome email
  • Ok, you’re finished…

Step 7: URL Signup Links

  • There will be three specific signup links for users to create their membership account because you created a silver, gold, and platinum level.  
  • And added it to a notepad. To copy the link you just press “Copy” and to finalize it you’ll click on “Save & Exit”. 
URL sign up links for membership

Testing Membership Site

  • Open up chrome in “Incognito” and access the member’s login. 
  • I’ll enter in my name a test email and create a password for myself then click “Register”. 
testing membership site
  • On the image below you can see that the logo hasn’t loaded properly but that’s okay. 
  • You can go back and fix it and add in a new logo. 
  • Under “Hello from Aimee”, the only thing that didn’t work out well was GrooveVideo. 
  • I’ve created a video on my Youtube channel to fix GrooveVideo size being too small here.
Output of groovemember

Is your GrooveVideo size too small in Groovemember?

I would just want to give credit where it’s due.

I found the solution in the groove digital facebook group by Tony Eppright what he did was he wrote some CSS Code and posted it on Github for us to use.

Credits to Tony Eppright
Git hub CSS code
  • Open and leave the Github tab as well as in GrooveVideo.
  • Open up another tab into GrooveMember and locate the membership that you want to open.
  • Under “Actions”, click on “Open Builder”.
Opening builder of GrooveMember
  • Now once you’ve opened up the builder, click on the “+ Add” on the left panel then drag in the “Code Embed” over to your canvas.
Adding code Embed element
  • Click on the code embed element and over to the cogwheel, click on it.
Cogwheel icon
  • Leave the source code open then head back to the Github page and copy all the CSS codes with (CTRL + C).
copying the github css code
  • Head back to GrooveMember and paste in that code.
  • Then hit “Enter” on your keyboard. Again, leave this tab open.
adding github code to groovemember source code
  • Head back to GrooveVideo Tab.
  • Hover over to the video that you like to embed, click on “embed” then copy the codes.
groovevideo code
  • Switch back to GrooveMember again and right underneath this CSS code, paste in your GrooveVideo embed and then hit “enter”.
  • Click on “Save” on the top right panel.
saving the source codes
  • Now, this looks kind of weird but don’t worry, go ahead and click on “Save & Exit”.
  • TIP: Keep clicking “Save & Next” until you reach step 7 of Finish.
Save and exit builder
  • Opened up another browser, log in to the member’s area, and you can see on the image below that the video is now responsive and filled our the entire column!
GrooveMember and GrooveVideo outcome
  • Test it out first with the original GrooveVideo embed just in case they fix this.

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