GrooveSell Tutorial – How To Create A Product Funnel, Order Form And Order Page

A product funnel in GrooveSell is basically a sales funnel with a basket of products.

Within GrooveSell, you will create your checkout form and configure your order confirmation pages.

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UPDATE: I’ve created an updated GrooveSell Tutorial below on how to sell digital products and courses in GrooveSell and deliver it via GrooveMember (this has the latest interface updates)

Here’s the old GrooveSell tutorial that you might want to watch as well

To follow along in this tutorial you will need to have designed the following pages inside of GroovePages:

  • Order page
  • Thank you page or order confirmation pages

If you’re new to GroovePages, check out my video on “how to create an opt-in page on a GroovePages here“.

That video will give you a crash course on using the elements available in designing web pages in GroovePages.

In this example below, I’m creating a product called Aimee’s Coaching with three pricing options:

  • 30 minutes consulting
  • 60 minutes consulting and
  • 90 minutes consulting

I’ve also created the thank you page for the 30, 60 and 90 minutes coaching call thank you pages. 

1. Design Your Order Page through GroovePages

  • Once have the design of your order pages created
  • Head to go to elements, scroll down and look for “Checkout embed element”
  • Drag that element onto your Order Page and then click on “Save”. 

2. Set Up A Product Funnel

A product funnel is where you set up your pricing, upsells, downsells and payment gateways. 

  • Leave your GroovePages order page opened and switch to GrooveSell.
  • Once you’re in GrooveSell, click on “Funnels” on the left tab then click on “Product Funnels”. 
  • In this example, we’re recreating my existing product funnel called “Aimee Coaching”
  • Click on the “New Product Funnel” on the upper right
  • Under “Create New Product Funnel”, give your product a name and description.
  • I’ll call this “Aimee Coaching 2” and then click on “Create Product Funnel”. 
  • Next, click on the “check icon button” (yellow) on the left side of your funnel. Refer on the image below. 

Now there’s 11 steps that you need to go through to complete the product funnel.

Think of this as a sales wizard that guides you through all the steps you need to create a sales funnel and connecting your payment.

1. Name Your Product

  • Enter in your Product Name and description then select the “Frontend product”.
  • If you like to sell additional products with an upsell or downsell, select the “Upsell/Downsell”.
  • For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to choose a frontend product then click on “Save and Next”.

2. Setting Up The Product’s Price

  • Input your product name, descriptions and price.
  • You can also select the type of payment whether it will be a one-time, recurring or installment.
  • Click on “+Add New Price Point” to open up a new tab for another price option.

Using the coaching example, I’ve added three pricing options:

  • Aimee’s coaching 30 minutes: one-time payment of $97.
  • Aimee’s coaching 60 minutes: one-time payment of $187.
  • Aimee’s coaching 90 minutes: one-time payment of $247.
  • If you’re not offering three different pricing options and have a membership, you can enable a trial period and price.
  • Once you’re happy with the pricing and click on “Save and Next”. 

3. Setting Up Your Payment Gateways.

In a previous tutorial, I covered how to setup a business PayPal account and connect it to GrooveSell.

  • Once you’ve added PayPal as a payment gateway, under “Payment Gateway” > “PayPal” and click “+ Add PayPal” on the right side then enter in 100.
  • If you don’t want to use PayPal, under “Credit card”, you can also add Stripe as a Payment Gateway.
  • Integrating Stripe is simple, you just log in to Stripe and authorize the connection to Groove Digital.
  • Once you’ve added PayPal, the gateway defaults to 100%
  • What a hundred means is that a hundred percent of your sales revenue will go to your PayPal account.
  • Alternatively, you can enter “100” under PayPal if you wish to use PayPal as your payment processor.

And if you don’t want to use PayPal or stripe, you can also click on apply for a merchant gateway and connect to GroovePay. 

In this example, we’re sticking with stripe and then click on “Save and Next”.

4. Contents Of Your Product

  • This is where you enter your Sales Page URL.
  • For example, my sales page could be
  • The thank you pages will be the thank you pages of the 30, 60 and 90 minutes coaching thankyou pages.
  • You would paste the Thankyou Page URLs under each box as per the image below.
  • For the refund period, since our example is a coaching course there will be a zero refund period.
  • However, if you have a digital product, you might want to set that 30 or 60 days refund and click “Save and Next”.

5. Customize the Checkout Page

You can customize the look and feel of your order form so GrooveSell will host the order form for you.

  • Under “Look & Feel”, upload a product image by clicking on “Choose Image”
  • Choose the order form template, in this example, I’ll choose the blue side bar.
  • Under the “Form Fields”, you can tick on the field that you require from customers
  • Since this is just a coaching call service, I’m unticking the address, the phone number and company because everything will be done via zoom call. 
  • Then head to “Express Checkout”
  • You would click on “No, use the full checkout experience” to initiate the full checkout experience but if you’re doing one-click upsells then you can click on “Yes, activate straight through payments”. 
  • Under “Cart Abandonment”, you can integrate your email marketing provider if you want to follow up with email marketing.
  • To integrate your email marketing autoresponder you would go to the hamburger icon and click on “My integrations”. 
  • You click on the “Add integrations” and add whichever email marketing provider you use through a simple authorization process. 
  • You can either authorize by API or you can log into your provider and authorize GrooveFunnels to initiate the connection. 
  • For now, we don’t need any integration so lets exit out of that.
  • For “Custom CSS tracking”, this is where you can include any tracking scripts like your Facebook Pixel or any Custom CSS codes that you like.
  • Under “Legal”, you can select specific terms and put your terms and conditions under legal text.
  • For “Language”, set it to English
  • I’ll skip “Compliance”
  • For “Exit Popup” – that’s coming soon as well as “Testimonials”.
  • Click “Save and Next”

6. Set Up Bumps

  • Currently there’s no order bumps so you just click save and next.

7. Funnel

Funnel section is where you can configure your thank you page or upsell or downsell pages for your sales bundles.

Now given that I’m not doing any upsell or OTO, then my thank you pages will be automatically added and you can also enable advanced tracking code and add any tracking codes that you like here.

Once you are set you can click on “Save and Next”.

8. Set Up The Fulfillment. 

  • I’m not going to include any delivery pages as it’s only a coaching call.
  • However “Downloadable file” and “Integrated Membership” is coming son
  • Now for our example, we don’t need any of this so click on “Save and Next”.

9. Set Up Affiliate Program

Since our example is a coaching call there’s no need for an affiliate program…

  • If you have a digital product, you can click on “Activate Affiliate Program”
  • Then set the commissions that you prefer like 50% for the first tier and even set a second tier commission rate10%.
  • You can set the affiliate commission rate for each of the pricing options you have.
  • You can also design your own custom landing pages for affiliates by adding “Custom Landing Pages”.
  • As well as a JV page URL here for affiliates and set up integrations.
  • For now I’ll head back to “No Affiliate Program”
  • Click on “Save and Next”. 

10. Add A Proof On Your Page

Proof is like those little pop-up on the left hand corner that you see on sales pages.

So and so just bought an XYZ product like the image below. 

  • You can create it here and that’s very simple so click on create.
  • Give Your proof widget a name and a notification text.
  • For instance, this will be a customer pop-up then the notification text is: “Just purchase a coaching call”
  • Under “Display”, you can set the display notification for how long you want in between other notifications
  • The “Delay between notifications” and “how long will it be displayed” for in seconds
  • Under “Design” heading, you can set the title color, background color as well as the description color
  • Choose to show only the country city or don’t show location at all.
  • Also set the avatar display with a map image, their profile image or just show a Gravatar.
  • Once everything is set, click on “Create”. 
  • Since we don’t need that so I’m just going to close out of that and then click on “Save and Next”. 
  • Now we’re finished!

What I’m going to do is show you how to embed the “checkout form” of the product funnel you just created on GroovePages.

3. Embed The Checkout Form on GroovePages

  • Click on “Funnels” on the left tab and then you can see the Product Funnel you just created.
  • The product funnel is in draft mode.
  • You will need to make it live before you can embed the checkout form on your order form.
  • Click on the dropdown arrow on the right side of your funnel and click on “Make Live”. 
  • You will need to enter in a subdomain which is not your own subdomain, it’s just a name on GrooveSell so in the example below, I’ve typed “aimeecoaching 2” and then clicked on “Make Funnel Live”.
  • Now that the product funnel is live, click on the dropdown arrow again
  • Select “Manage Product” and it will direct you to another page then click on the “cart” icon as per below.
  • You’ve got a few options on how to display your order form.
  • You can show one price only and one step checkout or
  • You can show all the three pricing options that I have on the example and use a multi-step process. 
  • Select the “Multi-price Checkout” icon option and select “multi-step” as per the image above
  • Click “Next” and click the “Generate Link”.
  • Now, click on “Embedded Into Your Own Page” then copy the embed code
  • Head back to your order page and earlier we dragged in “Checkout embed” to the page
  • Over on the right column is a placeholder image so you will click on that element
  • Under “Configure” in the formatting sidebar, click on the drop down arrow
  • click on “Use embed code” and then click “Update”.
  • Now you need to go to this cog icon and then paste in your checkout card embed code. 
  • Press save then you can see Aimee coaching 2 order form has appeared as per the below image.
  • Click on save again.
  • Give it a few minutes and then you can see your order page appear.
  • You can test it by select any pricing option then click on continue and fill in the information asked on the order form.
  • This is what they mean by multi-step order form, you go through several steps (see image below).
  • If you wanted one step only then what we’ll need to go back into GrooveSell and click on the cart icon again. 
  • This time you want to select multi-price checkout and one-step then click on Next.
  • Click on “Generate Link” and this will lead you to the codes that you’ll need to embed.
  • Copy the Embed Code and head back to GroovePages to input the code.
  • Once you are back on GroovePages
  • click on the checkout element
  • The right formatting panel will slide in
  • Click on configure then click on the cog wheel icon.
  • Delete the existing code and then paste in the new code and press Save.

You will see that with the one-step checkout form, you don’t go through multiple steps like the one before.

This means your customers will just go through one order form by entering their credit card and then complete the purchase. 

That’s it guys!  Make sure you grab your free sales funnel planning workbook below.

This workbook guides you through the 5 simple steps of creating simple yet seriously effective sales funnels that convert leads into sales!

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