How To Install Your Facebook Pixel On Groovepages

The best way to create your Facebook Pixel is through a Facebook Business manager account. 

Think of Facebook Business Manager as a company that holds all your:

  • Facebook pages
  • Ad accounts and
  • Facebook pixels…

In one central place. 

Even if you don’t have a company, managing your Facebook Pixel via Facebook Business manager makes it more secure.

So if you decide to bring on an ad agency or in-house Facebook ads manager….

You can manage user access via Facebook business manager. 

Install Facebook Pixel on GroovePages – Video Tutorial

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1. Create Your Business Manager Account

  • First, head to and create an account. 
  • You will need to verify yourself through your personal Facebook profile in order to create a Facebook business manager account.
  • This is going to walk you through all the steps you need to create a Facebook business manager account. 
  • The exact steps to creating a Facebook business manager account can be found here.
  • Once you’ve created your Facebook business manager account, just sign in and it will direct you to your business manager dashboard.
  • Select the business manager you have just created. In my case, it’s AimeeVo marketing. 

1. Create an Ad account

Once you have selected your business manager account, this will direct you to your dashboard:

  • Head to the “Business Settings” on the left panel then it will open a menu of the settings.
  • In order to create a Facebook pixel, you will need to create an ad account
  • Click on “Ad accounts” on the left hand panel, then click on “Add” on the board.
  • Then click on “Create a New Ad Account”.

A few things to note when creating ad accounts:

  • For a personal Facebook profile, you can only create one Ad account in the beginning. 
  • To create additional ad accounts, as you advertise and spend more money, Facebook will increase your ad account limits
  • Under “Ad account name”, give it the name of your website or the page that you want to promote and then click on save. 

2. Add Your Facebook Pages

  • The next step is adding your Facebook pages, by clicking on “Pages” under accounts on the left panel.
  • Click on “Add” and click “Add a Page” of any existing Facebook pages that you have.
  • If you haven’t created a page yet, you can click on “+ Create a New Page” and go from there. 

The reason why we do this is because we want to bring in any Facebook pages you have into Facebook business manager and manage all your Facebook pages here. 

When you have your page, you’ll click on “Add a page” then enter in the Facebook page name or the URL and click on Add page.

Once you have added a page, it will appear on the left hand column of your board. 

3. Give Yourself Admin Access

  • Now you want to add yourself as an admin by clicking on “People” on the menu.
  • Then click on “Add” and then enter in your personal Facebook profile email .
  • Once you’re done, make sure that you click on admin access. 
  • Then press next in order to give yourself access to all your Facebook pages as well as your ad accounts. 

Okay, so just to recap. You need to add in:

  1. An Ad accounts,
  2. Your Facebook pages,
  3. Add yourself as an admin and
  4. Give yourself access of your Facebook pages as well as your ad account.

2. Set Up Your Facebook Pixels

  • Now you can go to “Data sources” and click on “Pixels”
  • Then “Add” which will direct you to name your Pixels. 
  • Under “Pixel Name”, give your pixel a name and you might want to name it after your site or your Facebook page name. 
  • Then enter in your website URL and click on Continue. 

Once you are done with that, it will ask you, “Are you ready to set up your pixel?”, we’re going to select on “Set up the Pixel Now”. 

3. Installing Your Facebook Pixel To GroovePages

Now there’s various ways to install your Facebook pixel depending on what your site is built on. 

Facebook has partner integrations with WordPress, Shopify and Google Tag Manager

I personally, use Google tag manager to install my Facebook Pixel because I can manage all my tags and my ad tracking codes via Google tag manager.

Since we’re only installing the Facebook pixel on GroovePages, let’s keep this simple.

Select “manually add pixel code” to the website then click on “Continue”.

Facebook is going to give your Facebook Pixel code.

Click on the pixel code, it will automatically copy everything. 

Now, log into your GroovePages then head to the site that you want to install the Facebook Pixel on.

Head to the hamburger icon on the upper right corner then a dropdown menu will appear, click on the Site Settings.

A panel will then open on the right and you can then scroll down under “Code Includes (including GA, etc””.

  • If you head back to Facebook business manager, you can see in the instructions ask you to place the facebook pixel code high in the <head> tag. 
  • So just paste the Facebook Pixel code on GroovePages in the “Include in <head>” section.
  • Then click on the check icon on top and press save. 
  • Click on the “Publish” drop down arrow above and then click publish on the bottom. 

4.Verify Your Facebook Pixel

Now to verify that your Facebook Pixel is installed and firing on your GroovePages website.

You want to install the Facebook Pixel helper chrome extension.

Once it’s installed on your Google chrome browser, a Facebook Pixel Helper icon will appear on your browser tab. 

Then you would want to head back to your website either refresh it or enter in your domain URL then click on the Facebook Pixel Helper icon.

You can see that you have the Facebook Pixel helper saying that one pixel found on the domain. 

So that means that the Facebook pixel is now firing and sending data back to Facebook ads.

That’s it, you’ve now installed your Facebook pixel.

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