Quizzes For Lead Generation – Interact Quiz Maker Tutorial

Ever heard of using quizzes for lead generation?

It’s a solid strategy that can help you grow your email list and generating leads for your business that goes beyond capturing just a name and email.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to create a list building and lead generating quiz that can be used for:

  • Selling digital products
  • Selling ecommerce products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling client services
  • and local business lead generation

But before I show you how to use Interact, which is an online quiz maker to build out your quiz…

You need to have the correct quiz strategy in order to create high converting quizzes that convert.

Click the video below if you prefer to watch video instead of text:

Grab a note pad and start taking down notes for your own quiz using the the strategy below.

STEP 1: Write Down Your Target Audience & Quiz Goal

I want you to begin with the end in mind:

Think about…

  • WHO is the target audience for your quiz?
    • Is it for a man, woman, mom, seniors etc
  • WHAT do you want them to do after completing your quiz?
    • Is it to buy an online course, physical product or a service?

You don’t want to create a general buzzfeed type quiz that attracts everyone right?

I hope not.

Whilst buzzfeed are fun to complete, they attract anyone and everyone.

This is a quiz is for lead generation and should be designed for the purposes of generating leads for your business.

  • Example: I want to create a quiz to sell a weight loss course for women

STEP 2: Choose A Quiz Topic That Relates to Step 1 (ie Your Target Audience & Goal)

Your quiz topic is essentially your niche.

And it will become the basis for your quiz title and description.

It should capture your target audience’s pain point or the problem they want solved.

There are 3 main quiz frameworks you can choose from:

TYPE quiz: which buckets people into a specific type or profile. Some quiz examples are:

  • What’s your personality type?
  • Which moisturiser is right for your skin type?

2. KILLER / MISTAKES quiz: which buckets people on some kind of mistake or obstacle that is stopping them from achieving the outcome they want: Some quiz examples are

  • What’s your #1 relationship killer?
  • Which accounting mistake is killing your profits?

3. SCORE quiz: which helps people see how they are rated on a score or ranked outcomes. Some quiz examples are:

  • What’s your weight lifting score?
  • What’s your psychic score?

In this example, I choose the TYPE quiz.

The topic and title will be “What diet is right for your body shape?” quiz.

It can be used to build a list and is a quiz for lead generation.

STEP 3: Write Down 3+ Results For Your Quiz

Now that you know the topic of your quiz….

We’re going to work backwards by coming up with the results for the quiz FIRST.

This is going to make the process of coming up with questions for your quiz and linking it to the relevant result so much easier. 

If this is your first quiz, keep it simple – 3 to 4 results is fine.

If your quiz topic requires more specific results, then you can add more results.

For example, since we’re going to create a quiz on “What diet is right for your body shape?”….

When someone completes the quiz, they will arrive to any of these 4 results:

  1. Diet for rectangle shape
  2. Diet for hourglass shape
  3. Diet for pear shape
  4. Diet for Apple shape
  • TIP: When writing out the results for your quiz…. Think about what educational information you can include in your results – that will make the biggest impact and add value to your target audience.

For example, if someone completed the quiz and got a result of “Diet for a pear shape, then I might want to include the following information in the results:

  • Foods to avoid for pear shape
  • Shopping list for pear shape
  • exercises to avoid

You don’t want to hold back on your knowledge and build trust by providing educational information in your results to add value to the quiz taker.

The last step is…

STEP 4: Write the questions and answers for your quiz:

The key to writing great quiz questions is to:

Imagine you’re sitting down with someone and asking them questions to help diagnose their problem or goal.

And having answers to choose from that is LINKED to your results.

If we wanted to create quiz on finding a diet that would suit a person’s body shape.

An example of a question…

  • Q. My waist is…
    • A: Narrower than my hips and shoulders but full
    • A: Narrower than my hips and shoulders
    • A: Forms a straight line with the rest of my body
    • A: not really there, more full

The quiz taker can select from any of the above 4 answer options.

So if someone chooses:

  • the first option, I can link them to pear shape result
  • the second option I can link them them to hour glass shape result
  • the third option, I can link them to a rectangle shape result
  • the last option, I can link them to them to a apple shape result

KEY: The key is strategically providing an answer option that will link to a specific result in your quiz.

Their final result will be the average of the answers.

I recommend asking 7 to 10 questions at most in your quiz.

Anymore than that and you’ll have people abandoning your quiz because it takes too long to complete.

Take the time to plan and write out your quiz topic, results, questions and answers first in a google doc or notepad.

Then you can use a tool like Interact Quiz Maker to build out beautiful and engaging quizzes in no time

Interact Quiz Maker Tutorial

NOTE: In my Youtube video, the Interact tutorial starts at 4 minutes and 57 in.

When you login to interact, just click on this “create new quiz” button

And instead of creating a quiz from scratch, I recommend using their quiz templates first so that you can see how everything is connected.

You can also narrow down the type of quiz templates available.

interact quiz maker templates

To see how the quiz looks like, you can click on the preview button.

Once you found a template you like, click on “use template”.

One thing to note: is that the templates are completely finished, so you just need to edit the options on the left hand side menu to personalize it to your own quiz.

Let’s go through how you can modify and edit your quiz:

  • To change any title and description: you just click on it and start typing like a word editor
  • To change any image: just click on it to modify. Interact has a connection with a royalty-free stock images, so you can:
    • simply search for the type of image you want and load it in.
    • There is also an option to upload your own images or import them from a URL.
  • Colors and font types can be change up in the top menu , just click on the element and the formatting options will be available to you.
modify interact quiz templates

Now instead of moving to editing the questions…

Interact Quiz Results

I recommend you add in your quiz results FIRST just like we previously outlined in the strategy so that you can link each of your quiz answer to the relevant result.

  • To do that, head to the sidebar to “Results” and click on the one you want to change.
    • Change the result title, image, and add the description results here.
    • You can also go click this + add new result
    • One thing to pay attention to is that for each one of your results, there is a call to action button at the bottom.
    • You can use this button to change the text to “Read more” and “link” to a specific URL that applies to this result.
    • or you can send people to a specific landing page so that learn more about your product or service.
interact quiz results
  • If you don’t want your results to be hosted on Interact:
    • You can redirect results to your own landing pages by clicking on “REDIRECT RESULTS”
    • What you would do here is to create a page for each quiz result on your own site or landing page builder and enter in the URL here
Quizzes For Lead Generation - Interact Quiz Maker Tutorial interact quiz

I recommend using GroovePages as it’s a free landing page and website builder where you can add up to 3 custom domains for free.

Once you’ve entered in your results, add in your questions.

Interact Quiz Questions

  • To change the quiz questions, click on the question and start editing it like the cover.
    • Click “show question image” and add an image if you like to illustrate the question
    • You can switch the question type from text to image by clicking over here “Use image answers” – this will allow you to illustrate answer with pictures
    • You can also edit the answer options by clicking on it and typing in your answers.
    • Then head over to “Answer Settings”, and allow users to select multiple answers and determine if there is a min required. if you want your quiz taker to chose the best answer, you want to untick this and let the user select one answer per question.
Quizzes For Lead Generation - Interact Quiz Maker Tutorial interact quiz

Interact Quiz Results Correction

  • Click on “RESULTS correlations”over in the left side menu
  • This is WHY you want to add your results in FIRST so that you can link each quiz answer to the relevant result.
    • To LINK the answer – just click on any answer – it will be activated and highlighted.
    • Then click on the relevant result to LINK it and press save.
    • Now as your quiz taker goes through these questions, it will give them a RESULT based on the average answers they provided.
  • At the bottom here you can + add new questions and you can also choose to animate the text box
Quizzes For Lead Generation - Interact Quiz Maker Tutorial interact quiz
  • You can also turn on branching logic here – which is where you create conditional logic based on answers to questions & assign more personalized results.
Quizzes For Lead Generation - Interact Quiz Maker Tutorial interact quiz

Im not going to cover branching logic in this tutorial because Interact has a great tutorial that covers this in detail so just search for Interact branching logic in Google.

Interact Quiz Lead Generation

Next is “Lead Generation”in Interact.

You want to turn this option ON to build your email list and generate leads.

So first, you want to select the contact fields – I usually just select email and first name.

Form settings:

  • You can choose to allow the users to skip the opt-in form which displays this grey button down here.
  • I would untick this if you want to obtain emails.
  • Tick display privacy and enable GDPR compliant checkbox

In advanced settings, this will allow you to customize the error message if they didn’t opt-in correctly.

The third is where you be able to customize the form by clicking on any of these fields here to edit it.

Quizzes For Lead Generation - Interact Quiz Maker Tutorial interact quiz

Click save and continue..

Connecting Email Marketing To Interact

Now you want to connect your email marketing service – to send those leads over.

Choose your email marketing provider below:

I’m with ActiveCampaign which will require me to enter in my API Key & URL

But if you don’t have an email marketing provider you can select “CSV file download” and manually upload this list later in your email marketing provider

Quizzes For Lead Generation - Interact Quiz Maker Tutorial interact quiz

Interact Quiz Social Settings

  1. You can have the option to have the social share button on or off. I leave them to maximise social sharing.
  2. You can select the social platform buttons like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  3. The social share button locations – I leave it defaulted to below result description
  4. Social share link – This is the URL you want to point to when people share your quiz. If you embedded your quiz on a page builder like GroovePages, then you want to share that page’s URL here.
  5. And you can also customize the social share Images, heading and text description.
Interact Quiz Social Settings

Interact Quiz Conversion Tracking

I’m currently on the lite plan but if you’re on the growth plan, you can add in Facebook pixel tracking if you’re running ads.

Or you want to analyse your quiz data with Google analytics tracking in place.

Quizzes For Lead Generation - Interact Quiz Maker Tutorial interact quiz

Once you’re done, head to the top right here click the eye icon to preview how your quiz looks like

You can even share the quiz preview URL to get feedback from your team or from friends.

And once you’re absolutely happy with your quiz, hit the publish button and your quiz will go live.

Share Your Quiz Interact Or Embed It

Once you hit publish, you will be presented with the following options to share your Interact quiz:

  1. Interact quiz share URL
  2. Embed your quiz on a page builder like GroovePages
    • In elements, drag in the Code Embed element
    • Click the cog wheel icon here and paste in the code (i use the javascript code from Interact) to embed it in GroovePages with “auto resize embed option turned on” to fit quiz.
  3. Add announcement bar on your WordPress website using Javascript or a WordPress plugin
  4. Add popups or
  5. Promote your quiz as a Facebook ad
Quizzes For Lead Generation - Interact Quiz Maker Tutorial interact quiz

You now have the strategy to build effective quizzes for lead generation…

And an easy to use tool like Interact to help you create beautiful and fun quizzes.

Be sure to create an account with GroovePages to build stunning landing pages and websites (free hosting) for free.