About Aimee Vo

Hey entrepreneurs, I’m Aimee but you can call me ‘Aimz’.

Like you, I started with NO experience online.

Back then (we’re talking 2009), I didn’t know how to build a website and FTP, HTML, CSS all sounded like weird acronyms to me.

I started at a time when there weren’t many video tutorials on how to start a business online as we do now.

Despite it being utterly confusing…

What I did notice was the opportunity to generate leads and online sales using the power of the internet and got to work learning what I could about digital marketing.

My Story In Random Facts

  • I’m a Vietnamese immigrant who fled Vietnam as a refugee in the 80s and calls Australia home.
  • My parents moved around a lot and I found myself moving to a total of 9 schools (6 primary schools and 3 high schools to be exact!).
  • From the age of 20, I worked in the financial markets for 7 years and managed in excess of $100million dollars for high net worth clients (no it didn’t make me rich at all but I did help make others rich 🙂 )
  • In 2009, after the global financial crisis, I left the financial industry and took some time out traveling around Asia to explore new places and learn new skills.
  • Along the way, I attended a few conferences and discovered the exciting world of digital marketing.
  • My first foray into digital marketing was developing SEO campaigns for local businesses in Sydney. I’ve run SEO campaigns for florists, cosmetic doctors, mechanics, real estate agents, lawyers and more!
  • I then progressed to PPC and social advertising on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and have spent more than $350,000 in ad spend (it’s probably much more by the time you read this)
  • Using my knowledge in paid advertising and SEO, I began to developed lead generation websites for clients and myself, ranked these websites on the first page of Google , ran ads and sold them at a profit.
  • It’s been a fun, challenging and exciting but fast forward 9 years, I’ve driven over $3mill in sales for corporate brands and SMEs in a variety of sectors – financial, education, FMCG, legal, real estate, beauty, local retail businesses and more.
  • Launched B2C and B2B digital marketing campaigns for tier 1 clients like – Westpac Bank, Wholesale Investor Group, OzHarvest, Goodman Fielder Food Service, Sanitarium, Unilever Food Solutions, Countrywide to name a few.
  • In summary, I’ve implemented successful campaigns in SEO, paid advertising, media buys, content marketing, messenger marketing, automation, CRO, email marketing, sales funnels etc
  • Oh and I’ve spoken at workshops, created courses and written books as well!
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