Hey, I’m Aimee !

On this website, I write content on sales funnels, lead generation and automation for your online business even if you’re not tech savvy!​

I am known for making the complicated ➡️ uncomplicated with clear and simple steps that get straight to the point!

  • Simple formulas and frameworks
  • Streamline processes in a logical order

You will always get honest, direct feedback from me and a bit of tough love 💜.

But don’t take my word for it…. here’s what my my Youtube subscribers have to say:

Hey, I'm Aimee ! Aimee
Hey, I'm Aimee ! Aimee
Hey, I'm Aimee ! Aimee
Hey, I'm Aimee ! Aimee

My First Few Years Online Was Shiny Object Syndrome….

My journey into the online world started in late 2009.

In the early days, I tried countless times to build online websites to rank in Google search results. I failed.

I tried running Google and other PPC ads, spent thousands of dollars on ad spend. I failed.

I created amazon affiliate sites, made some commissions and let those sites lapse. Failed again.

I tried over 100 paid advertising campaigns on various ad networks and failed again.

You see, in my quest to learn digital marketing and driving traffic…

I’ve signed up for more courses and marketing tools than I’d like to admit.

From the $7 ebooks to the $1,997 courses and $297/mo marketing tools.

I’ve invested over $40,000 on my digital marketing education, tools and software over the last 9 years.

You know what I now realize?

Most people selling courses were regurgitating ideas they had learnt from another course…

Or recommending software and tools that they have NEVER used…

Dishing out bad advice that could end up getting your social media or ad accounts banned.

Most of them, never ran full-scale marketing campaigns or got consistent results.

It was only when I started implementing digital marketing campaigns, and spent over $20,000 per month in advertising for big companies….

That I realise a-lot of the digital marketing advice found online were crap.

Most of these ‘experts’ were teaching you filler information that did not work in today’s environment.

Or they would recommend low quality products and courses which led you down the ‘shiny object’ black hole.

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and want to save you the time and frustration when it comes to digital marketing.

My Story

I’m a Vietnamese immigrant who fled Vietnam as a refugee in the 80s and calls Australia home.

My parents moved around a lot and I found myself moving to a total of 9 schools

6 primary schools and 3 high schools to be exact!

I’ll spare you the details of growing up in the western suburbs of Sydney.

I wasn’t the brightest kid on the block but I somehow made it to university and passed.

From the age of 20, I worked in the financial markets for 7 years and managed more than $100 million dollars.

No it didn’t make me rich at all but I did help make others rich.

After the 2009 global financial crisis, I left the financial industry and took some time out traveling around Asia.

Along the way, I attended a few marketing conferences and discovered the world of digital marketing.

My first foray into digital marketing was developing SEO campaigns for local businesses in Sydney.

I’ve run SEO campaigns for florists, cosmetic doctors, mechanics, real estate agents, lawyers, construction companies, consultants, hairdressers etc

Then moved onto paid advertising and SEO campaigns for bigger companies.

To test offers, I ran ads on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ad and Youtube Ads.

I’ve spent more more than $350,000 in ad spend for clients and myself (probably much more by the time you read this)

Using my knowledge in paid traffic and SEO, I then developed lead generation websites for clients and myself.

These websites began ranking on the first page of Google and combined with paid ads, I sold them at a profit.

Fast forward a decade and I’ve driven over $4mill in sales for corporate brands and small businesses in a variety of industries.

Launched B2C and B2B digital marketing campaigns for tier 1 clients like – Westpac Bank, Wholesale Investor Group, OzHarvest, Goodman Fielder Food Service, Sanitarium, Unilever Food Solutions, Wesfarmers etc to name a few.

Hey, I'm Aimee ! Aimee

Long story short, I’ve implemented successful campaigns in lead generation, content marketing, list building, email marketing, sales funnels and paid traffic.

Oh and I’ve spoken at workshops, live training events, created courses and written a book on cryptocurrency for beginners (still love finance).

This is what I teach here on my blog and on my Youtube channel.

Everything I’ve learned from this crazy journey of the days of doing it wrong…

To giving you the knowledge and tools on what is working right now in the online business world.

My Youtube channel is the place where I share my knowledge and respond to your questions – leave a comment even if its just to say hi 👋

Join the community on Youtube and see you soon.