• “I’ve been wanting to work for Aimee for the longest time so when the opportunity came up to work with her, I immediately jumped on it. In 7 days she got us 92 new clients, each cost $1.33 to attract and put in our database. I’m booked solid.
    Vivian Yasmine | Co-Founder LaseMedics
  • “Aimee is quite the talent in digital marketing. I’d worked on a variety of large and small digital media strategies prior to working with Aimee, and her knowledge of digital marketing, including social and content marketing, totally blew me away”

    Simon Olsen | UX/UI Designer
  • “Before working with Aimee, I WASN’T even on LinkedIn. She also built out and optimized our LinkedIn profile. The result? Within days, I was literally swamped with new business, which was absolutely incredible”

    Ryan Devitre | Founder of CineFX
  • “It’s rare that you come across standout talent in digital and growth marketing like Aimee Vo. She’s ridiculously smart in developing digital strategies and the amazing ability to think outside the square when it comes to marketing; communicating in a way that gets people on board and able to easily execute her strategy”

    Susi Banks | Media Adviser
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