How To Export Your Email Contacts From GrooveSell And GrooveAffiliate

Why do we need to export email contacts from GrooveSell & GrooveAffiliate?

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most popular online marketing techniques in the world. It involves the process of sending emails to your prospects and customers to make more sales.

To start an email marketing campaign, you need a couple of things first. They are an email list and email marketing software.

An email list is simply a list of email addresses to whom you can send emails. Ideally, they’re the people who permitted you to send them emails from your business.

Export your email contacts step by step so that you can upload it into your email marketing provider or as a custom audience on your advertising platform.

Watch the video tutorial: How To Export Your Email Contacts From GrooveSell And GrooveAffiliate

Collecting Email Contacts

Now since I don’t have any products on GrooveSell yet, I’m going to show you how to export all your email contacts from a GrooveAffiliate functionality.

Once you start generating leads and sales on GrooveSell the export functionality is exactly the same.

So first we need to head to GrooveAffiliate.

  • Once you are in, click on “Reporting” on the left panel.
  • And by default, the time frame will be set to today’s date.
  • You will need to click on the box with date and select the time frame that you would like to export your email contacts from.
  • And bear in mind whichever time frame you exported your email contacts. In your next export, you need to remember the last date that you exported.
  • Okay, let’s click on “All time”.  
reporting dates
  • And on the top of the date, you will see “All transactions”. 
  • This means that it includes all Free sign-ups, Rebills, Initial Payments, Sales, as well as Cancellation.
  • And that’s in the form of email contacts.
  • If you were an affiliate and wanted to create a follow-up email sequence, you can select “Free Transactions” which the system will give you the email contact list who signed up for the free GrooveFunnels account.  
transaction to export contacts


You want to have “Permission Marketing“. So that if someone didn’t sign up to your email list and you emailed people it would be marked as spam.

So if you do this then make sure you introduce yourself in the email and let people know that they can unsubscribe from your emails.

Now that we have that out of the way…

Once you selected the type of transactions of email contacts, you would like to export as well as the time frame.

Exporting Email Contacts

Click on “Export” on the right and then select “Export all”.

That’s going load and then it will open up a new tab which then downloads a .csv file for you.

exporting contacts
  • Let’s say that your email marketing provider is ActiveCampaign.
  • You will import that .csv file using their import tool.
active campaign importing email contacts

And I’m not going to show you how to import your email contact list into your email marketing provider because you can be using ActiveCampaign, Convertkit, Mailchimp and each one of these marketing providers will have their own instructions for importing an email list.

If you’re using GrooveMail, you cannot upload your email contacts into GrooveMail yet.

You will have to do this manually by adding a contact under “leads”.

leads on grooveaffiliate
  • Let’s head back to GrooveSell.
  • For instance, you want a buyer’s list so you can filter these transactions under “Sale”.
  • And this will give you your buyer’s email list.
  • In this example, you’re requesting a list of anyone who purchased  GrooveFunnels or GroovePages Pro Lifetime account. 
  • All you need to do is select the right time frame.
  • Then head over on the right and click “Export” and select “Export All” that will also give you another .csv file.
exporting sales email contacts

And then you can start creating email sequences or autoresponders based on people who sign up to the free account or nurture your buyer’s list with more content and training.

If you still don’t have your GrooveSell or GrooveAffiliate account, click here.

And that’s it!

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