5 Lead Magnet Ideas For Coaches & Course Creators

Are you a coach, consultant or course creator looking to build your email list?

Today I’m going to run through 5 Irresistible lead magnet ideas that are guaranteed to grow your email list and they CONVERT.

Let’s dive right into it.

#1 – Create a Free Facebook Group

This method is the easiest to implement and is one of the quickest way of building your email list

So you simply create a free Facebook Group for your community because when someone is just starting out, they want to be part of a community for support and guidance.

The key here is that your Facebook group is designed to attract your ideal client or customer avatar

And you’ll need to position the group with the topic you want to be known as an expert in.

When people request to join your group, you can use a membership question to ask them for their email address.

Example: “Provide your email address if you’d like to receive these 3 awesome freebies from us”

The tools you will need for this:

  • An email marketing software like ActiveCampaign, GetResponse or whichever email marketing service you’re currently using and
  • A chrome extension like Group Leads or Group Convert: either one of these tools will help you convert new Facebook group members and add them into your email marketing software.

#2 – Swipe Files

In the copywriting world, a swipe file is a collection of your best writing examples for things like headlines, email subject lines, landing pages, banner ads and more.

As coach or course creator, you can giveaway your “top performing” swipe files for any of the follow:

  • Social media posts
  • Facebook ads
  • Funnels
  • Email copy
  • Product descriptions

Just think of the types of swipe files that work for your niche and that you refer to often.

Here’s what you do:

  • Create a Google Sheet
  • First column heading like “social media swipes”
  • Second column is a “link to that resource”
  • and when you’re done, you can share that file to giveaway as a lead magnet.

#3 – Templates

Everyone loves templates because it helps you save time to achieve a specific outcome or task FASTER.

The types of lead magnet templates will depend on the niche you’re in BUT the key here is:

Giving away a template that pre-sells your prospects in wanting to learn more about your paid coaching or online course.

Here are some template ideas that lead to sales:

  • Canva Pinterest Templates = could lead into a Pinterest SEO course
  • A monthly budgeting spreadsheet = could lead into a Personal Finance coaching or course
  • Blog Post writing templates = could lead into a Affiliate Blogging course
  • FB Ads templates = could lead into a Facebook Ads coaching or course

Once you’ve give away these templates, follow up with an email marketing sequence to promote your paid service or product

Now templates are great for list building in general, it doesn’t just apply to coaches and course creators.

For example, I have a lead magnet here for a youtube thumbnail Canva template to help new YouTubers save time in creating thumbnails.

5 Lead Magnet Ideas For Coaches & Course Creators lead magnet ideas

If you’re interested in getting this Youtube thumbnail template for free: you can download it here.

#4 – Quizzes

People love completing quizzes and assessments because it’s everyone’s favorite topic…

Me, myself and I.

I’ve used quizzes for list building and it works well for lead generation in affiliate marketing, local lead generation and of course… coaching.

By strategically asking certain questions in your quiz, you can gain more data about your audience that goes beyond their name and email.

PLUS people love to share quizzes on social media too!

Here are some examples of list building quizzes:

  • 16Personalities.com – which is a Myers Brigg Type personality test that gives you a description of who you are and why you do things the way you do. At the end of the quiz, you can enter your name and email to get the report sent to you.
  • The What Type of Business Should YOU Start? by Ryan Levesque (who is the king of quiz funnels) helps you discover who you are as an entrepreneur and the type of business model you should pursue based on your goals and lifestyle.
  • The last example is more like an assessment in the form of a weight loss calculator IIFYM Macro Calculator – you complete your details, exercise routine, nutritional preferences, and once you enter your name and email, they will email you, your macros for weight loss and sell their course.

There are so many quiz software out there and the one that I use and recommend at the moment is Interact Quiz Maker because their user interface is easy to use and has a great aesthetic design.

#5 – Free Mini Course

I left this last because it does take a bit more work but it’s great to use when you’re selling a course.

Basically, you take a module of your course OR the first obstacle that your student may encounter and turn it into a free mini course.

Let’s say you have a blogging course that you want to sell:

  • You can create a free mini course on finding your profitable niche – as that’s a topic that new bloggers will find as a road block when they’re starting out
  • OR a Free mini course in setting up a blog on WordPress – the best part about this mini course is that you can add affiliate links to hosting providers and earn affiliate income

You get the drift, your future students get to taste test your teaching style and sample a small part of your course content to build that like, know and trust factor.

And if you already have your course created, it won’t much take time to set this up.

You can use a free membership software like GrooveMember to build out your free mini course.

And guys, I’ve created a GrooveMember tutorial on my channel to help you set this up:

Now guys there’s literally hundreds of lead magnet ideas out there and you don’t need to limit it to just one lead magnet.

  • You can have several lead magnet for each of your products and services.
  • Then test them to see which lead magnet converts better for you.

4 Tips To Creating Irresistible & High Converting Lead Magnets

  1. Ultra specific – Your lead magnet should be ultra-specific to your target audience – it’s not a broad topic and it could be the solution to the first obstacle that your target audience encounters.
  2. Provides instant gratification – Your customer wants the solution NOW! That’s why a resource like a template is a great form of lead magnet.
  3. It Moves them through a change – help your customer go from point A to B, from a before and after state change.
  4. Pre-sells your paid product – Your lead magnet solves one specific problem and pre-sells your prospect in wanting to learn more about your coaching service or online course.
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