GrooveFunnels Review | Platform (2022 Update)

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Looking for a brutally honest and up to date GrooveFunnels review without the fluff?

From a customer who USES the platform and knows its strengths and weaknesses?

I’ve got you covered.

Now, if you’re in a hurry and just want a high level summary …

Here Are 5 Key TakeAways From This Review

  1.’s Free version is still available (for now) with access to ALL apps.
  2. There are 19+ apps in Groove’s Platinum Lifetime deal – 9 apps are available and fully functional. 10 apps are in development and scheduled to be released by the end of Feb 2022.
  3. If you need a website, sales funnel, blogging CMS, email marketing, online store, payment processor, secure membership site, video hosting, live and automated webinars, booking calendar, build quizzes and surveys… then Groove is for YOU.
  4. Groove’s Platinum Lifetime offer where you get access to ALL apps on the platform will end on 22nd February 2022 .
  5. It’s not an MLM or Scam – Groove has a 2-tier affiliate program which makes it looks like a MLM (it’s not). It’s a software development company with over 500K users on the platform.

Here’s the long version of my and my GrooveFunnels review.

I’m going to approach this review in terms of the tools you should be looking in an all-in-one platform like Groove.

Since I post a tonne of helpful step-by-step training on my Youtube Channel, I’ve become a trusted advisor to many new Groove users in the community.

GrooveFunnels Review | Platform (2022 Update) groovefunnels review

I was once in your position, searching for information on whether was worth the investment.

It is my hope that this review will help you make an informed and educated decision.

You ready? Let’s get dig into it.

What is is all-in-one marketing, sales and customer relationship management (CRM) platform with 19+ apps. On a high level, Groove’s platform allows you to:

  • Create branded websites with full menu navigation
  • Build landing pages and sales funnels
  • Build your email list with email marketing automation
  • Create unlimited shopping carts and custom order forms
  • Create upsells, one-time-offers, downsells and order bumps
  • Create affiliate programs for your digital and physical products
  • Manage your affiliates with promotional tools
  • Create and host online courses and membership sites
  • Host your videos privately
  • Create a blogging website
  • Create lead generating surveys and quizzes
  • Schedule and book appointments and meetings
  • Host and schedule live and automated webinars
  • Create unlimited eCommerce stores and more!

It’s MASSIVE and GroovePages (their sales funnels builder) is just ONE app within the Groove platform.

Basically, the premise is that you can run your entire online business on Groove.

Now here’s the reality of this platform…

My Experience – The Reality That No-One Really Speaks Of…

Groove is a BETA platform and I’ve been using the platform for over 20 months now.

I’m NOT going to tell you it’s all fantastic and great.

GrooveFunnels Review | Platform (2022 Update) groovefunnels review

Here’s my story – I purchased Groove’s lifetime plan in the early BETA days and my first few months of using was frustrating and buggy as hell.

Back in May 2020, the three apps available at that time was GroovePages, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.

What you see now in your free account for GroovePages, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate has been totally revamped with a new user interface and more advanced features than what I had access to.

Between May to August 2020, when a new app was released on the platform – it was extremely buggy and required continuous updates from Groove’s developers.

For example, an app would freeze, not save and you would have to rebuild what you created.

It was a pain in the back side….

I literally wasted endless nights trying to configure their apps only to have it break again.

As beta users, EVERYONE was submitting bug reports and feature requests.

And this went on for months until December 2020.

I was close to giving up and thinking I bought a dud of a software.

Fortunately with constant feedback from paid users, things began to shift in a positive direction.

In February 2021, I started noticing less bugs across all apps.

  • ALL the apps started working smoothly and connecting to each other.
  • Sure… there were still bugs here and there but they were ironed out quickly.

For example, GrooveSell (their shopping cart and sales app) started integrating GrooveMember (their membership site app).

This meant that membership logins were now secure unlike previously.

Then Mike Filsaime, Groove’s CEO announced at their State of Groovion 2021 presentation that:

From now on, they would only release an app when it’s working and fully functional

FINALLY… the Groove digital team started really listening to their customers and taking massive action!

They ironed out bugs more quickly…

Added more features to each app…

Provided updated video training….

And now the platform is stable and fully functional.

In a way, I wished I held onto my money and stuck with the free plan last year because the lifetime price is still the same as it is now.

But in hindsight, buying Groove in its early stages meant that I:

  • received 25,000 email contacts in GrooveMail on the lifetime plan
  • was able to test the apps and share Groove training on Youtube to help everyone out

Side note: I have been told by many Groove users that my Groove training on Youtube is the best, step-by-step and easy to understand videos out of all the Groove videos online.

Aimee Vo's testimonials for Groove / Groovefunnels

These trainings were so helpful that they were up and running within a day!

This is my way of supporting everyone who took the time to sign up to Groove using my links on this page ❤️

Luckily for you, most of these bugs has been ironed out and advanced features are being added as Groove prepares to exit BETA.

I’ve witness significant changes and improvement over the last 20 months, and it’s only getting better from here on.

Your Free Groove account comes loaded with an excellent website creator, funnel builder, and powerful sales and affiliate management system now.

Pros & Cons of

What annoys me the most with Groovefunnels reviews found online is that they just point out the pros just to have people sign up.

I’ve test the apps, shared my findings on Youtube and I can tell you that there are definitely cons when purchasing a BETA software that people should be aware of.

👍 Pros:

  • The free base plan has more than enough apps and features for you to start and grow an online business.
  • GroovePages as a website and sales funnel builder is super fast and extremely easy to use with pre-built designed blocks.
  • Connecting your custom domains and free SSL is easy (and you do not need to create a Cloudflare account).
  • You can integrate with the most popular email marketing providers out there or use GrooveMail.
  • The platinum lifetime is an incredible lifetime deal with access to ALL future apps and long term savings.
  • GroovePages and GrooveBlog are fully responsive and load extremely FAST.
  • GrooveMember makes it easy to sell digital products and courses in a secure members area.
  • You earn 40% affiliate commission on the platinum lifetime plan for life.
  • You earn 20% affiliate commission on the free base plan for life.
  • By listing your products on Groove’s marketplace (like a mini ClickBank), you can leverage their half a million user base, launch a new product and make sales.
  • Regular live digital marketing is really helpful for beginners and newbies.
  • The community is helpful! Every time someone posts a question, there’s always a helpful answer.
  • Bugs are addressed and scheduled for updates on a weekly basis.
  • They take on board new feature requests from members instead of limiting what features can be added.

👎 Cons:

  • Support tickets are not answered quickly enough. This is the reason why I created my Youtube channel to help people troubleshot. My tip: Use the live chat during their business hours to troubleshoot technical issues right then and there!
  • It’s in BETA, expect minor bugs to take less than a week for those to be ironed out.
  • Advanced features for apps aren’t available until they exit BETA (February 2022) – for example, GrooveMail’s list importing isn’t available straight away and alot of people were stuck using their existing email marketing provider (My advice: have a backup email marketing service until they exit BETA)
  • If you want to import your existing funnels from ClickFunnels, Kartra or other funnel builders – sorry you have to rebuild it from scratch (My advice: rebuild it because you’ll end up with much better looking designs on Groove).
  • A LOT of people promoting Groove’s affiliate program without actually using the apps and giving new users a bad user experience.
  • Weekly Groove digital present pitches from other experts can be off putting for some members but helpful to beginners. Thankfully, this has reduced and there are more updates on app developments instead.

What is the Groove Lifetime Deal?

The Lifetime deal is the platinum plan and gives you access to 19+ apps for life.

You pay a ONE time price to get access to all Groove apps and future apps for LIFE

But then again, you’re not getting lifetime access for nothing…

You become a backer and BETA tester so that Groove can continually improve the platform.

By investing in the platinum lifetime plan, you will be saving $17,506+ in marketing software subscription fees every year and you own the platform for LIFE.

Once Groove goes out of BETA, they switch to a monthly pricing model.

Originally, they planned for 4 monthly pricing plans: monthly plan prices after BETA

Now, there will only be 2 monthly pricing plans when they come out of BETA – the Silver & Platinum monthly plan.

Here’s a quick summary of the Platinum Lifetime Deal:

Lifetime Access to 19+ Apps All Groove Apps Future Updates
Lifetime Access to GrooveSell Lifetime Access to GrooveAffiliate
Lifetime Access to GroovePages PRO Unlimited Sales Funnels
Unlimited Custom Domains and Websites Unlimited Hosting and Bandwidth
Lifetime Access to GrooveMail 10,000 Email Contacts In GrooveMail
Lifetime Access to GrooveMember Unlimited Membership Sites
Lifetime Access to GrooveVideo Lifetime 100 GB of Video uploads
Lifetime Access to Email Buyers Lifetime Access to Email Affiliates
Lifetime GrooveKart for eCommerce Unlimited GrooveKart Stores
GrooveWebinars Live Webinars GrooveWebinars Automated Webinars
GroovePages Shopify App Affiliate Program Upgrade
40% affiliate commissions on referrals for LIFE 10% affiliate commissions on 2nd Tier referrals for LIFE
Lifetime Free VIP Tickets to GrooveKon™ conference Lifetime Free LIVE IN-PERSON workshops throughout the year

Here’s a quick map of what Groove can replace in your digital marketing toolbox: 19+ apps

Pros & Cons Of Each Groove App

Please visit this page and use the table of contents to get a breakdown of each app.

Why I Upgraded To The Platinum Lifetime Offer

To save on monthly and yearly subscriptions of various marketing software and tools for life.

Yes… I’m taking a bit of a gamble on the hope that Groove will develop all their apps and deliver the apps in time.

I could have signed up to the free plan and just use the their free sales funnel builder, sales and affiliate management software.

In fact, I nearly made the jump over to Kartra until I stumbled upon GrooveFunnels.

I mainly bought the lifetime deal for: GroovePages Pro, GrooveSell, GrooveBlog, GrooveMail’s 25,000 email contacts and unlimited GrooveMember sites.

This serves my purpose of developing niche sites, sales funnels and email marketing.

Your business goals will be different to mine and you will have to test drive the apps to determine whether it’s right for you.

Here’s a screenshot of my Groovefunnels / Platinum Lifetime purchase receipt in case you’re wondering if this is a real review.

I bought it back in April 2020 and it would be 22 months at the time of writing.

Aimee's groovefunnels review purchase

When Does’s Lifetime END?

Groove Lifetime offer officially ENDS on the 22nd February 2022.

I recommend you check out my $3000+ Groove Bonuses below if you’re thinking of upgrading.

Is / GrooveFunnels Worth It?

Groove is exiting BETA on the 22nd February 2022 and is ONLY worth it if you view the lifetime deal as a long term investment.

If you asked me 22 months ago whether it was worth it, I would have prematurely said “give it a miss” and hold on to your wallet.

Most people buy / GrooveFunnels expecting everything to work smoothly from the get go.

Unfortunately, this won’t be the case when you have 19+ apps planned on the development roadmap.

In fact, be prepared for it since they are rolling out even more apps over the coming months.

This is the reason why they’re offering 19+ apps for a low one-time payment.

If everything was working well like ClickFunnels, you would be paying $297 per month instead of a one-time payment of $1997 for lifetime access.

Where else can you get a lifetime sales funnel builder plus 19+ apps that’s integrated in an all-in-one marketing platform at a massively discount price?

You can literally run your entire online business on GrooveFunnels without having to buy separate software and subscriptions once they are out of beta.

Over the coming months, Groove will become a full fledged marketing, sales and customer relationship management platform with viral marketing features that you won’t find on ClickFunnels.

Just remember that software evolves over time, it’s not static.

I have personally witness Groove’s evolution and how they have improved their apps over the last year despite being skeptical in the beginning.

To be honest, you’re getting the better end of the stick – there is more training and support available now than before and it’s only going to get better from here.

I hope I’ve been transparent enough in this GrooveFunnels review so that you can purchase Groove with confidence and realistic expectations.

Groove Lifetime FAQs

All Groove FAQs can be found on this page.

Since I’m using the platform and supporting users by solving problems and creating a bunch of step-by-step training on Youtube…

Promoting Groove is a way of recouping the time and effort it takes to making these valuable videos for free while I work on my own projects.

Plus you’re also going to get my awesome bonuses below.

Thanks for reading my GrooveFunnels review and be sure to check out my bonuses below.

GrooveFunnels Review Verdict By Aimee Vo
GrooveFunnels Review | Platform (2022 Update) groovefunnels review

Comparing to ClickFunnels is like comparing apples to oranges. It does much more than “funnels”. The lifetime deal includes access to 19+ apps and is your one stop platform for online marketing and sales. MY VERDICT: If you can deal with minor bugs until they go out of BETA (6 months left) then… / GrooveFunnels is INCREDIBLE offer that you will end up kicking yourself for not taking it up. The Free plan is also valuable as you would normally pay $99 per month to access something like GroovePages, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.

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