GrooveSell Review: 100% Free Shopping Cart, Affiliate Software & Sales Platform

Want to get your hands on a:

  • Free shopping cart
  • Free sales management platform and
  • Affiliate management software….

That you would normally pay $99 per month?

Then you need to check out GrooveSell.

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What is GrooveSell?

GrooveSell is a powerful sales and affiliate management platform from

It’s just ONE of the 19 apps on Groove’s platform.

GrooveSell gives you all the tools you need to sell digital products online and create an affiliate program.

In a nutshell, your free GrooveSell account, lets you create the following:

  • Unlimited products in unlimited sales funnels
  • Flexible pricing structures like:
    • one-time payments
    • Instalment payments
    • Trial and payments
    • and recurring payments
  • Custom shopping cart and checkout options
  • Multi-step order forms
  • An affiliate program with in-depth tracking and analytics
  • Dynamic thank you pages
  • Upsells, down sells, and order bumps to increase your order transaction
  • 1-click Upsells without the user having to enter in their credit card twice
  • Cart abandonment and email integrations with popular email marketing providers
  • Add payment gateways like Paypal, stripe, Authnet, NMI, Brain tree and more.

The best part about GrooveSell?

There’s NO 14 day or 30 day trial what so ever.

No credit card required.

It’s completely FREE.

No monthly fees, ZERO transaction fees.

This is the biggest giveaway you’ve ever seen.

And right now, you can claim your FREE GrooveSell account and get access to future upgrades for LIFE.

Free GrooveSell Account

GrooveSell is included in your Free GrooveFunnels account.

Your free account includes access to:

1. Free Sales & Shopping Cart Software

  • You will get access to the full version of GrooveSell’s sales platform.
  • This lets you create shopping carts, upsells, downsells, and order bumps to sell products and services online.

2. Free Affiliate Program Software

  • You also get access to the full version of GrooveAffiliate software.
  • Create an affiliate program for your product and add promotional tools.
  • This helps you sell more of your own products through an affiliate army.

3. Free GroovePages Account

  • GroovePages is their free landing page, sales funnel, and website builder.
  • Unlike other page builders, you can build professionally branded websites PLUS your funnel pages together in one ‘project’.
  • You can create 3 websites or sales funnels and connect up to 3 custom domains on your free account.

UPDATE: You now get access to all future apps within GrooveFunnels however with feature limits.

There is NO hard sell or credit card required when you sign up to a free account.

So: if you want to sell your products and services in a sales funnel AND create an affiliate program… is the tool and platform you need (get it while it’s free).

Free Groovesell account

But first…

Why Is GrooveSell Free?

GrooveSell is free for a limited time to help small businesses and entrepreneurs struggling from the COVID 19 crisis.

The founders of Groove Digital wanted a way to give back to the business community.

So they’re giving away FREE accounts to help you save money and make more sales online.

GrooveSell is still in BETA but the sales and affiliate management system is fully functional and working smoothly.

GrooveSell Bonuses

As a thank you for signing up to your FREE GrooveSell account through my referral link.

I’ve included additional bonuses with your free account.

BONUS 1 – GrooveFunnels Training Course

Over 40+ detailed step-by-step training on how to use:

GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMember, GrooveMail and GrooveBlog etc and more!

Here’s a sneak peak inside the quick-start training members area.

groovepages bonuses

BONUS 2 – Sales Funnel Training & Planning Workbook

The quick-start training will help you with implement and use GrooveFunnels.

BUT you will need a sales funnels strategy in place to build your own email list.

Use my sales funnel planning workbook to build simple yet seriously effective sales funnels that convert leads into sales – in 5 simple steps! 

You get this workbook that I give to my paid clients for free with checklists and examples to guide you.

groovepages bonus

BONUS 3 – High Converting Opt-In Funnel Template

Not a website designer?

CLONE my high converting GroovePages opt-in template in a flash.

These templates may look simple but they CONVERT.

All you need to do is make a few small changes to these templates and use them to build your email list and customers on auto-pilot.

groovepages bonus
Opt-in Page template screenshot
groovepages bonuse
Thank You page template screenshot

If you’re thinking of investing in GrooveFunnels lifetime deal, please read my GrooveFunnels review and check out my bonuses below.

GrooveSell Features

Ok, now that you know what you’ll get access to.

Let’s go over the key features of Groovesell.

When you login to GrooveSell, you’ll see the Vendor dashboard.

Groovesell vendor dashboard

Here’s the main features that you will be using once you’re inside the app.

1. Product Funnels & Payment Options

To sell products in GrooveSell, you will need to create a ‘Product Funnel’.

A product funnel is simply a funnel of all your products.

For example, your ‘product funnel’ can have 3 products: 

  1. Main product
  2. Order bump product
  3. Upsell product

This means there are 3 products in your ‘product funnel’.

This is located in the ‘Product Funnels’ tab.

Groovesell product funnel

Once you create a products, you can configure the pricing, settings, and details for each product.

There’s a product setup wizard that guides you through the 11 steps of creating a sales funnel.

GrooveSell Review: 100% Free Shopping Cart, Affiliate Software & Sales Platform Groovesell

No guesswork involved here.

Just go through the guided 11 steps to create your products, add order bumps, upsells, affiliate programs and any ad tracking codes.

You can build powerful product sales funnels correctly and in a logical step-by-step order.

Watch this video on how to setup a basic product funnel in GrooveSell:

TIP: Have your sales pages, thank you page, upsell and confirmation pages built in GroovePages first before you create a product funnel in GrooveSell.

  • Flexible Pricing:  one-time price, free trials, recurring, instalment, and recurring instalment payment options.
groovesell pricing options
  • Order Bumps: you can create pre and post order bumps and create a hybrid upsell – awesome.
groovesell order bumps
  • Custom Checkout builder: build custom order forms and checkouts with your own brand colors. Simply embed the checkout form on any page that has a code editor or use a GrooveSell element on GroovePages.
Groovesell checkout form builder

Coupons codes and discounts: Once you’ve created your products, you can create coupon codes and discount codes for any product in the “coupons” tab.

groovesell coupon codes

I can’t believe these features are free.

In most shopping cart software, you would have to upgrade to get premium features and pay $99 per month to get access to features like these.

Claim your free GrooveSell account below.

2. Free Affiliate Management System

If you’re currently using Clickbank or JVZoo to manage your affiliate program, switching to GrooveSell will help you save on monthly and transaction fees.

Within the ‘Funnels’ tab, the ‘Affiliate Portal & Tools’, you can add promotional assets for your affiliates to use.

GrooveSell Review: 100% Free Shopping Cart, Affiliate Software & Sales Platform Groovesell

Click on the pink “+Create New Funnel Promo Tools button and you will see the screen below.

GrooveSell Review: 100% Free Shopping Cart, Affiliate Software & Sales Platform Groovesell

Add promotional assets like:

  • Ad copy swipes
  • Website banners
  • Article reviews for your product
  • Social media ad copy and creatives
  • Video reviews
  • Facebook ad copy
  • Signature copy etc

Providing your affiliates with a variety of promotional tools helps them maximize conversions and you sell more of your products.

To use the affiliate software in Clickfunnels called ‘Backpack’, you will need to upgrade to the $297.00 per month plan. 

If you use Kartra, you still need to pay $99 per month to create an affiliate program.

GrooveSell offers this for FREE with lifetime updates.

3. Sales Reporting

Within the ‘Reporting’ and “Transactions” tab you will be able to see sales transaction information for your products.

GrooveSell Review: 100% Free Shopping Cart, Affiliate Software & Sales Platform Groovesell

It includes information like:

  • Successful transactions
  • Failed transactions
  • Customer name
  • The products they purchase
  • The price they purchased at
  • and more.

There’s a search box that allows you to filter information, dates, and export your customer list in a CSV file.

What’s cool about this feature?

Because you can upload your customer list on ad platforms and create lookalike audiences to find even more buyers.

4. Free Affiliate Software & Management

The ‘Affiliate’ section provides information on your affiliates, traffic stats, and payment history.

Groovesell affiliate software

As a product creator and vendor, you can:

  • Manage affiliates and payouts
  • Manage second tier affiliates
  • View affiliate performance and see stats like:
    • The number of impressions
    • The number of clicks
    • Pending commissions
    • Earned commissions
    • Due commissions
  • Track payment history to affiliates
  • Create leaderboards
  • and payment history 

This helps you identify which affiliates are sending you the most traffic…

Reach out to them, and help them convert that traffic into sales.

5. Customers Reporting & Download

groovesell customers

Under Customers, you can view:

  • All customer transactions
  • Sales
  • Re-bills
  • Cancellations
  • Refunds
  • Cart Abandons
  • Export your customer contacts and emails

6. Groove’s Marketplace Marketplace

Once you’ve created your product, you have the ability to list your product on Groove’s Marketplace.

Think of it like a mini ClickBank where you attract affiliates within Groove’s user base (there are currently 500,000 members on Groove!)

Affiliates can filter products based on the niche, join affiliate programs and earn affiliate commissions.

On Clickbank, popular products will have a “Gravity” score whilst on the Affiliate Marketplace, there is a “Affiliate Power Score” abbreviated as APS.

GrooveSell Pricing

GrooveSell is free, at least for now.

  • $0 setup fees
  • $0 monthly fees
  • $0 transaction fees

If you plan to sell physical and digital products, courses, membership, or have an affiliate program etc in the future…

You’ll need GrooveSell.

Register for your Free GrooveFunnels account now to get access to GroovePages, GrooveSell & GrooveAffiliate while you can.

You’re literally locking in $0 monthly fees, free future updates, and thousands of dollars in yearly savings. 

Groovesell reviews

GrooveSell Alternatives

When you compare GrooveSell to other shopping cart and affiliate software providers, there are significant savings.

Here’s what the major players are charging:

ClickBank Pricing

  • $49.95 activation fee
  • $1 + 7.5% transaction fee for each sale, and
  • $2.50 fee each time you want to withdraw your money

ThriveCart Pricing

  • one time $495.00 payment

SamCart Pricing

  • $49.00 per/month

PayKickStart Pricing

  • $99.00 per/month

JVZoo Pricing

  • 5% commission on all sales
  • + 2.5% for sales made through webinars

GrooveSell Alternatives

Compared to the major players, you will be saving $1000.00+ in yearly fees with GrooveSell.

How To Make Money With GrooveSell

If you have a product created already, then skip to the GrooveSell Tutorial section.

If you have NO product and dreading the time it takes to create a product – fear not.

This section will open up your eyes with the possibilities of creating and selling your own digital products.

Here are 6 product ideas you can create quickly and sell using GrooveSell.

sell ebooks with groovesell

1. eBook or PDF Guides

There are people out there who are willing to pay for your knowledge and expertise.

If you have a set of skills or experience that is useful to others, you can write an eBook on it.

Not everyone has the time to watch a video course and eBook may be their preferred format.

Here are a few eBook examples:

  • A personal trainer can create a guide with weekly meal plans and an exercise program
  • A fashion stylist can create a eBook on how to dress business smart at work
  • A gardener can create an eBook on how to grow edibles herbs during winter and summer.

An eBook can be as short as 30 pages or as long as you want.

2. Paid Email Course

sell ebooks with paid email course with groovesell

An example of a paid email course might be a 30 Day Copywriting For Beginners Course.

Where each day for 30 days, students receive an email lesson of Copywriting lessons. 

Here’s an example outline:

  • Day 1 email – Copywriting Strategies
  • Day 2 email – Copywriting Framework
  • Day 3 email – Headline Formulas
  • Day 4 email – Body Copy Formulas
  • Day 5 email – Features vs Benefits etc

Email courses are simple to create, you just need an email service that delivers the email.

GrooveMail is now available and you can use their email service.

3. Printables & Workbooks

Sell printables with GrooveSell

“Printables” are downloadable documents, workbooks, and planners sold as digital files. 

They’re really popular among bloggers.

These documents can be as simple as a 1 pager or a 20 page workbook.

Because they are so simple to make and priced affordably, it can be set up as passive income product.

Printable ideas:

  • A printable poster with a motivational quote
  • A printable shopping list for weekly keto meals plans
  • A printable 20 page content planning workbook that has tips for filling each section
  • A printable weekly planner to plan out product creation sprints
  • A monthly budgeting spreadsheet to help save for that home loan deposit.

Have a look on your laptop and see what templates or checklists you’re currently using in your life.

Then think about designing it and making it for sale.

3. Graphic & Design Templates

Sell graphic design templates with Groovesell

If you’ve design social media templates or a professional graphic designer, you can package these up and sell them on GrooveSell.

  • A design template can be pre-designed photoshop files that’s resized for each social media platform.
  • You can even create and sell your own stock photos for people to use on their website or social media.

Everyday, people who aren’t design-savvy are looking for beautiful designs templates to use.

4. Content Templates

Sell content templates with Groovesell

If you’re a copy writer or really good at writing content then you should be selling ‘content templates’.

People can download your content template, fill in the blanks and then copy and paste it into an email or word document.

Content template ideas:

  • Press release templates
  • Video promo scripts
  • Blog post templates
  • Sales letter templates

It’s like having ‘done for you’ content writing and helps save your customers time.

5. Paid Virtual Workshops

Sell paid virtual workshops with GrooveSell

With social distancing rules in place, paid virtual workshops can be a great way to supplement your income.

You can conduct a 1 – 3 hour live workshop where you teach valuable information with an accompanying workbook.

Paid virtual workshop ideas:

  • Painting classes
  • Social media workshop
  • Meditation classes
  • Public speaking workshop
  • Pilates classes

Use a free tool like zoom to hold your workshop and then email them zoom link.

A paid virtual workshop is just like a paid webinar and you can sell the recording too via GrooveSell!

6. Software Training Tutorials

GrooveSell Review: 100% Free Shopping Cart, Affiliate Software & Sales Platform Groovesell

If you know how to use a technical or complicated software, then you can create an ‘over the shoulder’ training video to sell.

Even though most software companies provide their own video tutorials, many times they are not detailed enough.

Or they’re complicated for non-technical people who want step-by-step instructions.

Software training tutorials ideas:

  • Setting up Google Analytics for WordPress
  • Photoshop for Beginners
  • Setting Up Salesforce for Administrators
  • Keyword Research using SEMRush

These screenshare video tutorials help your customers get their software setup quickly and save them tons of frustration.

Remember, your free GrooveSell account comes with GroovePages – a landing page and sales funnel builder.

So once you have created your product, design your sales page, checkout page and thank you page on GroovePages for free.

GrooveSell Tutorial

To sell a product, you will need to create a “Product Funnel” in GrooveSell.

Let’s say you’ve created a poster with a motivational quote and would like to sell it as a printable.

Setting up a product funnel to sell that printable inside of GrooveSell is straight forward.

1. Create A ‘Product Funnel’

  1. Login to GrooveSell and click on ‘Funnels tab
  2. It will expand to sub-tabs, click on ‘Product Funnels
  3. Next, click on the pink ‘New Product Funnel‘ button (top right corner)
  4. Create an internal name, name and description for your product
  5. Then click on ‘Create Product Funnel‘ as per the screenshot below.
GrooveSell Tutorial - How to create a product funnel

Your product’s name will now appear in “Product Funnels’.

Once you start promoting your product, stats will appear for:

  • Sales
  • Refunds
  • Revenue generated
  • Commissions generated
  • The number of products in that product funnel
Groovesell - create a product funnel

Next up is setting your product’s details, pricing and delivery.

2. Set Product Details

  • Continuing on from the previous example, click the ‘Actions’ drop down arrow
  • Then click ‘Manage Products’
GrooveSell Tutorial - Product settings & Configuration
  • Over on the left side of your product’s name, click on the edit icon in yellow
GrooveSell Tutorial - Product settings & Configuration
  • This opens up the product setup wizard which walks you through 11 steps
  • Fill out the product details asked in each step and always click on “Save” as you progress to the next step.
GrooveSell Tutorial - Product details

The 11 steps in the GrooveSell’s product setup wizard are as follows:

  1. Info: Enter in your product name and description.
  2. Pricing: Set product’s price and payment options. Payment options are:
    • one-time
    • recurring
    • installment plans, or
    • recurring installments.
  3. Gateways: Add your preferred payment gateway. You can add:
    • PayPal
    • Stripe
    • Authnet
    • NMI
    • Braintree
    • More payment providers coming soon
  4. Contents: Set your sales page URLs, thankyou page URLs, and refund periods here.
  5. Checkout: Configure your checkout page options. Step 5 gives you the option to configure your:
    • shopping cart look and feel
    • form fields
    • cart abandonment
    • add tracking scripts
    • create exit popups
    • add testimonials

6. Bumps: Create order bumps or post sale order bumps here.

7. Funnel: Configure thankyou page and one-click upsells for your sales funnel here.

8. Fulfillment: Configure product delivery pages:

  • If you have a physical item, you don’t have to set a delivery page.
  • If you have a digital product, you can set it as a downloadable file or integrated with GrooveMember membership.

9. Affiliates: Add an affiliate program for your product here.

10. Proof: Show social proof of who recently bought (coming soon).

11. Finish: The last step is pasting the code it gives you in the “BODY” section of your product’s sales page.

GrooveSell Tutorial - Product details

3. Set Your Product To ‘Live’

Once you’ve added the code to your sales page, you need to make your product “LIVE” on GrooveSell.

  • Go back to your products by clicking on the ‘Funnels” tab
  • Then click ‘Product Funnels’ section
  • Click the ‘Actions’ drop down arrow
  • Then click ‘Make Live’
GrooveSell Tutorial - Publish products live

4. Embed Checkout Form On GroovePages

  • Head over to GroovePages (also free in your free Groovefunnels account)
  • Drag in the “GrooveSell Checkout” element
  • The GrooveSell checkout element is linked to your GrooveSell products
  • Simply select your products and you’re done!

GrooveSell Takeaways

GrooveSell is a simple yet powerful sales and affiliate management platform.

The interface is clean and intuitive enough for anyone to get started.

There is tremendous value in your Free GrooveSell & GrooveFunnels accounts.

Not only are you getting access to a free shopping cart and affiliate management software with powerful features like order bumps and one-click upsells (which helps you sell more with less effort).

The addition of free GroovePages, GrooveAffiliate, access to future apps within’s platform and lifetime updates make it’s a no-brainer.

The guys at Clickfunnels are charging $297 per month for a solution like this.

It’s genius because you can:

  • Create landing and sales pages inside of GroovePages for free
  • Sell products with GrooveSell for free
  • Create an affiliate program for free

Which means better reporting and a holistic picture of what’s working in your sales funnel.

I doubt they will be making this free for long.

GrooveSell FAQs

Is GrooveSell a part of / GrooveFunnels?

Yes. GrooveSell, GroovePages, GrooveAffiliate and a bunch of apps is part of the family of apps. Read my Groovefunnels review here.

What payment gateways does GrooveSell integrate with?

You can use your own PayPal, Stripe, Merchant Account, Braintree, AuthNet, NMI account and more payment integrations scheduled after their Groove launch. More is being added as we speak!

What’s the difference between GrooveSell & GrooveKart?

Both GrooveSell and GrooveKart are apps within the platform.
GrooveKart is for eCommerce stores and is a direct competitor of Shopify and mainly used for physical products with shipping.
GrooveSell works best when you want to sell digital products or online courses without multiple product variants like color and size.

GrooveSell is free now but are there any hidden fees?

None. There are no hidden fees in GrooveSell. Just use your Paypal, Stripe, Merchant Account, Braintree etc.
REMEMBER these are payment gateways – transaction and processing fees that are billed by THEM not GrooveSell. GrooveSell DOES NOT take a cut or add additional fees on top of credit card processing fees.

Does GrooveSell support custom domains?

Yes, this is included in your free GrooveSell account. They’ve added custom domain tracking. This means you can brand every landing page, sales page, checkout page and thank you page with your own URL for FREE (how awesome is that!)

What is GrooveSell Payments?

‘GrooveSell Payments’ is an optional service for members. It’s for people doing launches and worried about Paypal or Stripe shutting them down. GrooveSell will handle payments, affiliate payments, all the tax, and accounting for you.

GrooveSell vs ClickBank vs JVZoo vs Groove MarketPlace

Unlike ClickBank and JVZoo – GrooveSell is absolutely free. NO monthly fees and NO markup fees. You can now list your products you created in GrooveSell on Groove’s marketplace which taps into Groove’s 500,000 user base.

Will GrooveSell have an affiliate marketplace like ClickBank and JVZoo?

Yes, there’s already a Market place on Groove like a mini Clickbank where you can:
1. List your own products and get access to an affiliate army, grow their business, and increase their sales OR
2. Become an affiliate for other product creators who use GrooveSell and have an affiliate program.

Can I create coupons in GrooveSell

Yes, it’s located under the “tools” tab and you will be able to create coupons based on $ dollars off or % percentage discount.


GrooveSell Review Verdict By Aimee Vo
GrooveSell Review: 100% Free Shopping Cart, Affiliate Software & Sales Platform Groovesell

Get it while it’s a FREE. GrooveSell is at par with SamCart, ThriveCart and other paid shopping cart platforms that usually costs $99 per month. If you need a free shopping cart, sales and affiliate software packed with powerful features - then grab GrooveSell now while it's free. Combined with GroovePages, it really is a way to build high converting sales funnels.

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